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fer (mutis / moixoni / mutis i a la gàbia)
keep quiet, clam/button up; shut up [vulg.], put a sock in it [vulg.]
muts i a la gàbia!
quiet!, hush!, clam up!; shut up! [vulg.]

gaidó: de gaidóindirectly, askew, on the slant; [xamfrà] kitty-corner, catty-corner

gaig: sec com un gaigthin as a rail

abans de gaire
before long, soon, in the near future (ex.: Abans de gaire tot canviarà = Everything is going to change before long)
abans de (no) gaire
before long
ni poc ni gaire
not at all, not in the least
no allargar gaire
be dim-witted, dull-witted, soft in the head, weak-minded
no poc ni gaire
a great deal, a lot (ex.: Vam beure no poc ni gaire = We drank a lot)

gairell: de gairellsideways, aslant, obliquely, crosswise

gairó: de gairóindirectly, askew, on the slant; [xamfrà] kitty-corner, catty-corner

gaites: anar/venir amb gaites a algúbother/annoy/pester/hassle someone

de gala
dressed to the nines, all dressed up, in one's Sunday best
fer gala de
show off; [presumint] glory in

galant: primer galantleading man

beure a galet
1 drink a jet of wine, water, etc. 2 believe all one hears
fer beure a galet
cheat, dupe, con, swindle, hoodwink, bamboozle, bilk; pull the wool over someone's eyes, take someone in

galindaines: i altres galindainesand other (odds and ends / sundry items)

al cantar el gall
at the break of day
costar més el farciment que el gall
something secondary is worth more than the main thing
fer el gall
show off, swagger, grandstand, put on airs, strut one's stuff
fer un gall
sing/play off-key
no cantar-ne gall ni gallina
fall/sink into oblivion
posar-se com un gall de panses
hit the ceiling/roof, blow a gasket, fly off the handle
ficar-se de peus a la galleda
blunder, make a fool of oneself; put one's foot in it [Br.]
gerro/galleda d'aigua freda
setback, letdown
tirar una galleda d'aigua freda
throw/pour cold water (on); be a (killjoy / spoilsport / wet blanket)
gallina vella fa bon brou
older women (rock / are wonderful)
jugar a la gallina cega
play blind man's bluff
no cantar-ne gall ni gallina
fall/sink into oblivion
pell de gallina
goose bumps/flesh/pimples
posar la pell de gallina
make one's hair stand on end
esvalotar el galliner
raise a ruckus, kick up a fuss, raise Cain
ser un galliner
be chaos/pandemonium/bedlam

gallines: anar (a dormir / al llit) com les gallinesgo to bed with the chickens

galons: posar-se galonsblow one's own horn; to brag, to boast

galop: a galop tiratgalloping

amb una mà a la galta
lazily, indolently; taking one's time, at one's leisure
galta del cul
cheek (either of the buttocks)
parar la galta
turn the other cheek
semblar el carrer de mitja galta
look/seem half-baked, half-assed [vulg.]
begut de galtes
thin, scrawny; skin and bones
ser un galtes
be cheeky, have a nerve, have gall
tenir galtes
have nerve, audacity, cheek
xuclat de galtes

gambades: a gambadesby leaps and bounds

gambals: curt de gambalsdim-witted, dull-witted, soft in the head, weak-minded

gambirot: anar de gambirottrip up, stumble; flail about/around, flounder

acabar primer el pa que la gana
be ambitious, insatiable, rapacious
agafar gana
whet one's appetite
de bona gana
willingly, gladly
de mala gana
grudgingly, unwillingly, reluctantly
donar la gana
feel like (ex.: No li dóna la gana d'ajudar-nos = He doesn't feel like helping us)
enganyar la gana
take the edge off one's hunger
entretenir la gana
have a snack
estar de gana
in a good mood, cheerful, in high spirits, bright, cheery, chipper
fer patir/passar gana a algú
make someone go hungry
tenir gana
be hungry
tenir la gana feta
be hungry/ravenous/starved
tenir una gana que alça
be starving

gandul: fer el gandullaze around/about, loaf, twiddle one's thumbs

amb ganes de
eager to, looking forward to
ni ganes!
no way!, don't even think about it!
pagar el gust i les ganes
pay out, fork over, shell out
quedar amb les ganes
be frustrated/thwarted/disappointed
tenir ganes de
feel like [+ gerundi] (ex.: tinc ganes de ballar = I feel like dancing)

gangues: gangues de l'oficioccupational hazards

ganxet: fer ganxetto crochet

ganya: tenir/fer mala ganyalook awful/hideous, be unsightly

ganyes: fer ganyesmake faces

ganyota: fer una ganyotamake a face

ganyotes: fer ganyotesmake faces

gara: fer la gara-garacompliment, flatter, coax, play up to, soft-soap, sweet-talk, inveigle, cajole, suck up to[vulg.]

garbuix: fer-se un garbuixget confused/muddled

anar a fer gàrgares
[generalment imperatiu] get lost, go away, beat it, scram, fuck off [tabú]
fer gàrgares
to gargle
guanyar-se (la vida / el pa / les garrofes / les mongetes / les llenties)
make/earn a living
guanyar-se les garrofes
make/earn a living

garrotada: a garrotada secaviolently, coming to blows

donar garsa per perdiu
cheat, dupe, con, swindle, hoodwink, bamboozle, bilk; pull the wool over someone's eyes, take someone in
el corb diu negra a la garsa
the pot calling the kettle black
a mig gas
at half speed/throttle
a tot gas
flat out, at full/top speed, full tilt; (hell / hellbent / hell-bent) for leather
aigua amb gas
sparkling water

gasta: saber com les gasta algúknow how someone will react

gastar la pólvora en salves
waste time and energy
gastar saliva (en va)
waste one's breath
no gastar embuts
not mince words, speak one's mind, lay it on the line
a gat vell, no li diguis moixina
it's not easy to attract the attention of someone old who has seen it all
a gat vell, rateta tendra
older men are attracted by younger women
anar/estar gat
be drunk, loaded, tight, bombed, pissed [Br.]
anar gat
be drunk, loaded, tight, bombed, pissed [Br.]
buscar/cercar tres/cinc peus al gat
split hairs, complicate things unnecessarily
donar/vendre gat per llebre
cheat, dupe, con, swindle, hoodwink, bamboozle, bilk; pull the wool over someone's eyes, take someone in
escorxar el gat
sleep off a hangover
estar com el gat i gos
lead a cat-and-dog life
gat de vint ungles
gat escaldat, (amb aigua tèbia en té prou / d'aigua freda fuig)
once bitten, twice shy
gat vell i la cua verda
said of old men who pursue young women
gat vell
old/sly fox, sly dog, slyboots
haver-hi gat (amagat / en sac)
there be something fishy, one smells a rat
posar el cascavell al gat
bell the cat; take a risk, perform a daring act
quan el gat no hi és, els ratolins ballen
when the cat's away the mice will play
què sap el gat de fer culleres?
what does he/she know about it?
qui és fill del gat, li retira de la cua o del cap
like father, like son
qui no té feina, el gat pentina
people with idle time will do most anything to fill it
semblar un gat escorxat
look thin as a rail, be all skin and bones
tot gat i fura
everyone; all and sundry
treure el gat del sac
clarify, make (perfectly clear / plain); throw/shed light on something
el fill de la gata, rates mata
like father, like son
gata maula/moixa
hypocrite; wolf in sheep's clothing

gatameus: a gatameuson all fours

els gats tenen set vides
cats have nine lives
orgue de gats
raucous gathering/assembly/meeting; tumult, clamor
quatre gats
very few people

gatzoneta: a la gatzonetasquatting, sitting on one's haunches/heels

gaudi: ús i gaudiuse and enjoyment

gavadal: un gavadal dea great number of; lots of, tons of, loads of

gavadals: a gavadalsgalore, in abundance, in plenty, in profusion

gavella: fer bona gavellamake a nice/good/lovely couple

gegants: fer els gegantsbe presumptuous, show off, flaunt, grandstand

com el gel
cold, distant, aloof
fred com el gel
cold as ice, cold as hell [vulg.], cold as a witch's tit [vulg.]

gelat: bufar en caldo gelatput on airs; be affected/fake/pretentious

gemecs: sac de gemecscrybaby; [lit.] a kind of bagpipe

gemega: qui gemega, ja ha rebut!that's life!; that's the way the (ball bounces / cookie crumbles)!

general: per regla generalas a rule

gènere: gènere de puntknitwear

cop de geni
1 [ira] flash of anger, fit of rage/anger 2 [inspiració] stroke of genius
mal geni
bad temper
tenir un geni de fotims
be cantankerous/irascible/testy/quarrelsome
treure el geni
get upset/angry, become inflamed, blow up

genollons: a/de genollonskneeling; [amb submissió] kowtowing, on one's knees, groveling

genolls: de genollskneeling, on bended knee

gens: ni poc ni gensnot at all, not in the least

gent de baixa estofa/mà
rabble, riff-raff; people of low birth
gent de bé
honest/decent/virtuous/upright people
parlant, la gent s'entén
(reaching out / communicating), people get along/on

gents: do de gentscharm, affability

gep: cap geperut no es veu el gepwe see the mote in our neighbour's eye and not the beam in our own; the pot calling the kettle black

geperut: cap geperut no es veu el gepwe see the mote in our neighbour's eye and not the beam in our own; the pot calling the kettle black

amor de germà, amor de ca
love among family members is not always deep
germà uterí
uterine sibling

gerro: gerro/galleda d'aigua fredasetback, letdown

gest: fer un mal gestto pull/strain a muscle

més content que un gínjol
happy as a clam/lark; tickled pink
més eixerit/trempat que un gínjol
smart as a whip
trempat com un gínjol
delighted, joyful; tickled pink, walking on air

giny: portar mal ginybring bad luck

fer un gir
do an about-face; make a change; undergo a sea change
gir copernicà
radical change, sea change, upheaval

gira: que tomba que giraand on and on; this that and the other

girada: trencar la girada a algúcause someone to deviate, change someone's mind

girant: al girant — 1 [on es fa volta] at the bend 2 [pròxim] nearby, close by

en un girar d'ulls
quickly, fast; in the blink of an eye; (in / like / quick as) a flash; in two shakes of a lamb's tail; before you can say Jack Robinson
girar cara/cul
turn tail, run away, flee
girar com un mitjó
do a complete turnaround
girar com una mitja
have a complete change of mind
girar cua
turn tail, turn around and go back
girar els ulls en blanc
roll one's eyes
girar en rodó
turn around
girar full
turn a page, go on to something else
girar l'esquena a
give the cold shoulder to, turn one's back on; snub, brush off, dismiss, shun, spurn, rebuff
girar la pell
change completely, make oneself over, turn over a new leaf
girar-se a tots els vents
be changeable/inconstant
girar-se com una mitja
to change with the winds, to blow hot and cold, to be erratic/fickle/inconstant
girar-se en contra
1 [plantar cara] confront 2 [oposar-se] turn against (someone/something)
girar-se feina
be swamped/overwhelmed with work
girar-se la truita
there be a sea change, a marked transformation, an upheaval
no girar rodó
be off one's head/rocker
no saber on girar-se
not know which way to turn

girat: s'ha girat la truitathe shoe/boot is on the other foot

donar una gla per fer cagar un roure
give a little in order to get a lot back
fer un pet com una gla
burst, explode, go bust, crash
una gla fa un roure
great/mighty oaks from little acorns grow
rompre el glaç
break the ice
trencar el glaç
break the ice

glaçat: restar glaçatbe flabbergasted, surprised, astounded, astonished; be struck all of a heap

glatir: fer glatirmake someone yearn for something anxiously over a period of time

globus: globus sondatrial balloon

gloc: fer gloc-glocgurgle, bubble

glop: blanc com un glop de lletwhite as a sheet

glops: beure a glopsto sip

cobrir-se de glòria
humiliate/disgrace/demean oneself
no tenir pena ni glòria
be lackluster, so-so, indifferent; be nothing to write home about
sense pena ni glòria
dully, uneventfully, unmemorably, drearily
vella glòria
great figure from the past; [despectiu] has-been

glory: in one's glorycom un peix a l'aigua

goig: fer goig — 1 look good, be attractive/good-looking 2 [a algú] like, be pleasing to (ex.: Et fa goig, aquesta poma? = Do you like this apple?)

a la gola del llop
in danger, in darkness
amb la mort a la gola
in dire straits
fer-se un nus a la gola
get a lump in one's throat (ex.: Cada vegada que sento aquesta cançó se'm fa un nus a la gola = Every time I hear this song I get a lump in my throat)
ficar-se a la gola del llop
put oneself at risk; go into the lion's den
fosc/negre com una gola de llop
black as night/pitch
mentir per la gola
lie shamelessly; lie like a rug

gom: ple de gom a gomfull to bursting, jam-packed, very crowded, chock-a-block

goma: fer gomamake a great display

cantar el gori-gori a algú/quelcom
give someone/something up for dead
funeral dirge

gorra: de gorrawith all expenses paid

color de gos com fuig
indeterminate color, pale gray
com sant Roc i el gos
inseparable, thick as thieves, hand in glove
dia del gos
the day after a city festival (when nobody feels like working)
el gos mort no mossega
dead dogs don't bite
estar com el gat i gos
lead a cat-and-dog life
gos petaner
small mutt, lapdog
gos pigall
seeing-eye dog
gos que lladra no mossega
one's bark is worse than one's bite
mort el gos, morta la ràbia
dead dogs don't bite
abordar els gossos a
set the dogs on
lligar els gossos amb llonganisses
be rolling in cash/money/dough
quan els gossos lladren, alguna cosa senten
where there's smoke, there's fire

got: ofegar-se/negar-se en un got d'aiguamake a mountain out of a molehill

de gota en gota
drop by drop, little by little, step by step
el gota a gota
the drip; intravenous therapy
la gota que fa vessar el vas
the last straw (the straw that breaks the camel's back)
més corre una gota de sang que un riu d'aigua
blood is thicker than water
ni gota de
not a bit of
ni gota
not at all
suar la gota negra
sweat blood
una gota de
a tiny amount, a smidgen, a wee bit, a scintilla
caure gotes
to sprinkle/drizzle
com dues gotes d'aigua
like two peas in a pod

govern: mirar contra el governbe cross-eyed, strabismic

anar al gra
come to the point, get down to business, get down to brass tacks
anar de cara al gra
get down to (business / brass tacks)
aportar el (meu, teu, etc.) gra de sorra
do one's little bit
de dret al gra
right to the point
destriar/separar el gra de la palla
separate the wheat from the chaff
fer una muntanya d'un gra de sorra
make a mountain out of a molehill
fer-ne un gra massa
go too far, go overboard, go/be over the top
cop de gràcia
coup de grace, deathblow, finishing stroke
en estat de gràcia
in a state of grace
en gràcia de Déu
in the grace of God
fer gràcia
be appealing, likable
maleïda la gràcia
how one deplores
no tenir cap gràcia
be gross/vulgar/crass
per obra i gràcia de
through/by the kind offices of
quina gràcia!
how funny!, how amusing!
tenir gràcia
be appealing/attractive/delightful
donar les gràcies
fer gràcies de
be thankful for
gràcies a Déu
thank heaven, thank God
gràcies a
thanks to
i encara gràcies
it could have been worse

graella: posar tota la carn a la graellago all out (all-out), go whole hog ([Br.] go the whole hog)

a gran escala
on a large scale
de gran fet
of great importance/significance
de gran volada
eminent, celebrated, famous, renowned, illustrious, notable
en gran manera
considerably, on a large scale, in a big way
en gran
on a large scale
fer un gran pas
take a big step forward, make a big advance, make real/significant headway
fer-se gran
1 [créixer] grow, get taller/bigger 2 [fer-se adult] grow up 3 [envellir-se] get old

granat: anar granatbe flush/loaded (ex.: Tu sí que vas granat = You really are flush/loaded)

granel: a granelin bulk

grans: a grans tretsroughly speaking, in short, simply put, in a nutshell, the long and short of it

grapades: amb quatre grapadesin haste, haphazardly, willy-nilly

grapat: un grapat d'anysa long time

grapats: a grapats — 1 [amb les mans] by the handful 2 [abundància] galore; in abundance, aplenty, in profusion

caure a les grapes d'algú
fall into someone's clutches
de grapes
on all fours
de quatre grapes
on all fours
gras com un toixó
fat as a hog/pig/tick
no es pot pas matar tot el que és gras
it's better to let some things slide, to overlook some things

grassa: passar-la/ballar-la grassalive high off/on the hog; be well off, flush, loaded, rich

grasses: el temps de les vaques grassesgood times

de (bon) grat
willingly, gladly
de grat o per força
whether one likes it or not, willingly or unwillingly
de mal grat
grudgingly, unwillingly, reluctantly
gratar-se la butxaca
pay out, fork over, shell out
gratar-se la panxa
be idle, be at leisure; not do a thing

gratcient: a gratcienton purpose, deliberately

gregues: a les calendes greguesat some indefinite time in the future, perhaps never

donar greix
please, satisfy, gladden, comfort
posar greix
get fat, gain weight

grémola: fer la grémolawhine, whimper, blubber, snivel

gresca: fer grescawhoop it up, kick up one's heels, go on a tear

greu: saber greube sorry, remorseful; to regret

grill: més ric que un grillricher than Croesus

olla de grills
raucous gathering/assembly/meeting; tumult, clamor
tenir el cap ple de grills
be out to lunch, have one's head in the clouds

gripau: empassar-se el gripaubite the bullet, grin and bear it, bow to fate

groc: groc com la cerawhite as a sheet, pale as death

gronxar: gronxar-s'hidawdle, dilly-dally

abocar pel broc gros
not mince words, speak one's mind, speak right out
cap gros
boneheaded, bubbleheaded, empty-headed, featherheaded
peix gros
big shot, big wheel
pel broc gros
irresponsibly, carelessly, without caution or consideration; letting the chips fall where they may
tenir el fetge gros
be carefree, unconcerned, blithe, happy-go-lucky
estar grossa
be pregnant; have a bun in the oven
fer-la grossa
blunder, make a fool of oneself; put one's foot in it [Br.]
passar bou per bèstia grossa
not be particular/finicky
tocar la grossa
win the lottery

grossos: fer els ulls grossosoverlook, turn a blind eye, look the other way

gruar: fer gruarmake someone yearn for something anxiously over a period of time

gruixuda: tenir la cara/pell gruixudabe shameless

gruixudes: dir paraules gruixudesswear, curse, cuss; be foul-mouthed

llançar el guant a algú
throw down the gauntlet (to someone); to challenge someone
recollir el guant
accept the challenge

guanya: amb paciència es guanya el celall things come to those who wait

guanyar bé la vida
make a good living
guanyar camí
make progress, make headway, advance
guanyar el capítol
come out on top
guanyar el cor de
win the heart of, win over; to charm, captivate
guanyar per mà
beat someone to (something / the punch); steal a march on someone
guanyar punts
1 [guanyar favor] earn praise/admiration/respect, gain credit; get/earn/win brownie points 2 [superar] gain an advantage over
guanyar temps
to gain time, have more time
guanyar terreny
gain ground, make progress, make headway; to advance
guanyar-se a pols
achieve through personal effort
guanyar-se el cel
gain/attain salvation
guanyar-se (la vida / el pa / les garrofes / les mongetes / les llenties)
make/earn a living
guanyar-se la voluntat (d'algú)
win over, captivate someone
guanyar-se les garrofes
make/earn a living
tenir (totes) les de guanyar
hold all the cards
Déu me'n guard!
by no means! absolutely not! no way!
Déu nos en guard d'un ja està fet
no use crying over spilt milk
Déu vos guard!
àngel de la guarda
guardian angel
la por guarda la vinya
it's best to take precautions; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

guardapits: més curt que una màniga de guardapitsdumber than a (box of rocks / sack of hammers)

guardar la línia
keep one's figure, stay slim
guardar les aparences
save face, keep up appearances
guardar les distàncies
keep one's distance, be wary/reticent/guarded/reserved
guardar les espatlles
back up, support, side with
guardar les formes
behave oneself; behave rather formally
guardar llit
keep to one's bed, be confined to bed
guardar rancor
hold/have/bear a grudge
guardar silenci
keep quiet/silent, not say a word, clam up, keep one's trap shut
guardar una poma per a la set
set something aside, save something for a rainy day
guardar-se un roc a la faixa
have an ace in the hole, have something put aside/away
nedar i guardar la roba
play both ends against the middle; profit from a situation without risking oneself or making a commitment

guardaràs: te'n guardaràs prou!don't even think about it!, not on your life!

de guàrdia
on duty/call
en guàrdia!
en garde!
estar en guàrdia
be on guard
fer guàrdia
be on call/duty
la vella guàrdia
the old guard
posar en guàrdia
put on guard, alert, warn, tip off

guardia: estar de guardiabe on call/duty; keep watch

guardiola: fer guardiolasave up; (lay aside / squirrel away) money

guaret: en guaretfallow

cada terra fa sa guerra
different strokes for different folks, every country has its own customs
en peu de guerra
on a war footing, ready to fight, prepared for war
guerra sorda
feud, simmering hostility; [entre països] cold war
les fatigues de la guerra
the hardships of war
moure guerra
cause problems, make trouble

guisa: a guisa deunder/in the guise of, in the manner of

guitarra: aixafar la guitarrabe a wet blanket, a killjoy, a party-pooper

guitza: fer la guitza (a)to bother, annoy, irritate, pester, plague

guix: dormir més que el guixbe a sleepyhead

a gust
1 [a voluntat] willingly, gladly (ex.: a gust d'algú = to one's liking) 2 [còmode] in one's element, at ease, comfortable; at home
amb molt de gust!
with pleasure!
de gust
willingly, gladly
de mal gust
in bad taste, coarse, out-of-line
no em ve de gust
I don't feel like it
pagar el gust i les ganes
pay out, fork over, shell out
venir de gust
1 to appeal to (ex.: això em ve de gust = this appeals to me) 2 feel like [+ gerundi] (ex.: em ve de gust cantar = I feel like singing) | Dites visca!