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ha arribat l'hora
the time has come
n'hi ha per a llogar-hi cadires
it shouldn't be missed, it's beyond belief, it's a real knockout

hàbil: dia hàbilworkday, work/working day

hàbit: vestir/prendre hàbittake orders, be ordained, enter the Christian ministry

habitud: com d'habitudas usual, as a matter of course

hagen: mal haja/hagen!damn it! [vulg.], hell! [vulg.], confound it!

haja: mal haja/hagen!damn it! [vulg.], hell! [vulg.], confound it!

hala: hala!c'mon, let's go; let's get with it!

picar l'ham
swallow the bait, fall into the trap
tirar/llançar l'ham
lure, entice, offer an inducement; [fer entendre a algú l'interès de tenir-hi una relació amorosa] (come on to / hit on) someone

has: l'has feta bona!now you've done it!

hauràs: t'hauràs de fotre [vulg.]you'll have to (put up with it / bite the bullet / face up to it / grin and bear it)

tenir molta terra a l'Havana
build castles in (the air / Spain)
tenir terra a l'Havana
boast of nonexistent wealth, pretend to be be rich or well-off

havent: havent esguard deconsidering, taking into account

haver begut oli
have had it, be done for, be sunk
haver d'espinyar-se
have to go/do without; have to forgo
haver de menester
be in need of
haver fet atots
be exhausted, be all/done in; be out on one's feet
haver inventat/descobert la sopa d'all
to state as a novelty what is already known to everyone; to be presumptious
haver llepat
have had it, be done for, be sunk
haver mamat llet de cabra
be unruly, rebellious, headstrong
haver menjat llengua
babble incessantly, run off at the mouth, yakkety-yak
haver perdut la llengua
not say a word
haver trepitjat merda [vulg.]
have had bad luck
haver-hi gat (amagat / en sac)
there be something fishy, one smells a rat
haver-hi lloc
there be cause; to be fitting
haver-hi marro
1 [gat amagat] there be something fishy, one smells a rat 2 [embolic] there be disorder, confusion, turmoil
haver-hi més dies que llonganisses
there be all the time in the world
haver-hi (moltes maneres de matar puces / molts camins per anar a Roma)
there be more than one way to skin a cat
haver-hi moros a la costa
someone is eavesdropping
haver-hi roba estesa
there are children present; little pitchers have big ears
haver-hi un punt negre
there be a risk/uncertainty
haver-hi una passa
there be something going around
haver-n'hi (d'una cosa) més que un foc no en cremaria
more (of something) than you can shake a stick at
haver-n'hi per a donar i per a vendre
there be in abundance, in plenty, in profusion
haver-n'hi per a sucar-hi pa
fascinating, compelling, engrossing, intriguing
haver-n'hi per temps
be a long time, be a while
haver-s'ho de ben menester
be a little weak-minded
haver-se'n d'estrènyer el cap
to have to resign oneself (to something)
haver-se-les (amb)
argue, quarrel, cross swords (with)
no haver menjat calent
to have gone hungry
no haver-hi manera de
there be no way to
no haver-n'hi un pam de net
there be rampant corruption, strange/questionable goings-on

havia: hi havia una vegadaonce upon a time

créixer com la mala herba
grow like a weed
mala herba mai no mor
a bad penny always turns up
mala herba
segar a algú l'herba sota els peus
cut the ground from under someone's feet

herbeta: et conec, herbeta, que et dius marduix!you're not fooling me, I see through you, I don't trust you

hereu: hereu escampaspendthrift, big spender, squanderer, wastrel

Herodes: anar d'Herodes a Pilatget the runaround

heus ací
[és aquest, això, etc.] here's, there's
heus ací que
[esdevenir-se] it happened that
heus aquí que una vegada
once upon a time
haver-hi una passa
there be something going around
hi havia una vegada
once upon a time
come on!, let's go!, let's get on with it!

higiènic: paper higiènictoilet paper

història: passar a la històriago down in history

deixa't d'històries!
come/get to the point!
no estar per històries
not have time to fool around
al cor de l'hivern
in the depths of winter
més trist que l'hivern
in deplorable condition

ho: haver-s'ho de ben menesterbe a little weak-minded

com un sol home
as one; as a body/group
esquitx d'home
a half-pint, shorty, shrimp, runt
fer-se home
make one's way (in life); become independent
fer-se un home
become a man
home acabalat
man of means (ex.: Era un home acabalat, sense problemes d'índole econòmica = He was a man of means, without problems of an economic nature)
home casat, ruc espatllat
a married man is even more useless than a bachelor
home (d'anys / de dies)
oldster, elderly man, old-timer
home d'empresa
home de mar
home de molts oficis, (pobre segur / mestre de res)
jack of all trades, master of none
home de negocis
home de palla
front man
l'home del carrer
the man in the street
l'home del sac
the boogeyman
l'home del temps
the weatherman
l'home dels nassos
[lit.] the man with the noses; on December 31st children are urged to seek him out, for he has as many noses as there are days left in the year!
l'home proposa i Déu disposa
the best laid plans can go astray
ser l'home a l'aigua
be lost/ruined; be in the soup
tros d'home
hunk; big man, he-man
un home advertit en val dos
forewarned is forearmed
en honor a la veritat
in all honesty
fer honor a la veritat
to be fair/truthful, to give credit where credit is due
matrícula d'honor
honors degree

honors: fer els honorsdo the honors

honres: honres fúnebreslast rites, last honors

a bona hora
opportunely, in a timely way, at the proper/right time
(a hora / al primer) foscant
at dusk/twilight/nightfall
a hora baixa
at dusk, in the evening
a hora horada
at the last minute
a l'hora de la veritat
at the moment of truth, when the chips are down, when the heat is on
a l'hora
on time
a l'hora suprema
[mort] at death's door
a l'última hora
at the last moment
a primera hora
early (ex.: a primera hora a la tarda = early in the afternoon)
a tota hora
at all hours
abans d'hora
ahead of time
anar a l'hora
[rellotge] keep time
d'última hora
1 [recentíssim] latest 2 [darrer] last minute
d'una hora lluny
from a long way off
demanar hora
ask for an appointment
donar hora
make an appointment
en bona hora
en mala hora
[moment inoportú] at a bad time, inopportunely 2 [el que es lamenta] what a shame (that)
fora d'hora
at an inconvenient time, at a bad moment
ha arribat l'hora
the time has come
hora punta
rush hour
ja era hora!
it's about time! (exs.: Ja era hora que arribéssiu! = It's about time you got here!; Ja era hora que algú digués la veritat! = It's about time someone told the truth!)
més tard o més d'hora
sooner or later
veure's d'una hora lluny
be obvious, self-evident; to tell at a glance

horabaixa: horabaixadusk, evening

horada: a hora horadaat the last minute

horari: trastorn d'horarijet lag

a (alta hores / altes hores)
late at night, in the dead of night
a hores d'ara
by now, at the moment, at this point
fer hores extres
work overtime
fer més hores que un rellotge
work long hours, work hard
hores extres/extraordinàries
hores petites
early morning
no tocar quarts ni hores
be out to lunch, not in touch with the real world; crazy
robar hores al son
burn the midnight oil, work day and night
tocar hores
toll the hour

horitzó: a l'horitzóon the horizon, in the offing, just around the corner

horror: quin horror!how horrible/terrible/dreadful/ghastly!

hort: baixar/venir de l'hortbe in the dark, be out of touch

hostes: hostes vingueren que de casa ens traguerenexpression meaning that someone's rightful position has been usurped

hòstia: fotre una hòstia a algú [vulg.][cop de puny] bash/slug/punch/smash/sock/clobber someone; [amb la mà oberta] slap/smack someone

fer un pa com unes hòsties
screw up, foul up, blunder, make a mess/hash of something
no estar per hòsties [vulg.]
1 [de mal humor] not be in the mood for games 2 [no voler complicacions] have enough problemes/trouble (without that)
repartir hòsties
hit out, lash out, attack
un joc/raig d'hòsties
a thrashing, a shellacking, a battering
un pa com unes hòsties
a disaster/failure/flop/fiasco

humils: feliços els humilsblessed are the meek

de bon humor
in a good (mood / frame of mind)
de mal humor
in a bad (mood / frame of mind); out of sorts | Dites visca!