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i algú, què?
what about someone?
i ara!
1 [sorpresa] what on earth?, what the heck?, what the hell? [vulg.], what the fuck? [tabú] 2 [reprovació] come off it!, no way!, not on your life!
i ca!
come off it!, no way!, not on your life!
i (les dents / remitjó / repicó)
and then some
i (llestos / santes pasqües)!
and that's it!, that's all she wrote!
i tant!
yes indeed!, you bet!, undoubtedly!, I'll say!
i tota la pesca
and so on/forth
i un be negre!
horsefeathers!, poppycock!, fiddledeedee!; pull the other one (it's got bells on it)!
canviar d'idea
have second thoughts, change one's mind
fer-se la idea
get the idea, accept that something is true; get something through one's head
fer-se una idea de
get an idea of, form an impression of
idea fixa
obsession, fixation

idees: pluja d'ideesbrainstorming

a l'igual de
as is the case with (ex.: A l'igual de les emocions, les expressions facials no són estàtiques = As is the case with emotions, facial expressions are not immobile)
d'igual a igual
as (two) equals
és igual!
1 never mind! forget it! 2 [amb pronom] (someone does) not care! (ex.: m'és igual! = I don't care!, it's all the same to me!)
igual que
like, the same as (ex.: un és igual que l'altre = one is like the other, one is the same as the other)

igualment: igualment![resposta de cortesia] the same to you!

fer il·lusió
look forward to; enjoy
quina il·lusió!
how thrilling!, how exciting!
fer-se il·lusions
get one's hopes up, engage/indulge in wishful thinking
viure d'il·lusions
be unrealistic, have one's head in the clouds, live in an ivory tower

impensada: a la impensadaheadlong; unthinkingly; spur-of -the-moment

l'imperi de la llei
the rule of law
valer un imperi
be worth a fortune
no [pronom personal] importa
[persona] don't/doesn't care (ex.: no m'importa què fa i no li importa què faig = I don't care what he does and he doesn't care what I do)
no importa el preu
money is no object
no m'importa (un rave / tres collons [vulg.])
I couldn't care less
donar-se importància
give oneself airs, put on airs
treure importància d'una cosa
downplay something

important: fer l'importanthave a swelled head; be puffed up, self-satisfied, full of oneself; be on one's high horse

imposable: base imposabletaxable income

imposició: imposició de les manslaying on of hands

fer l'impossible
move heaven and earth, leave no stone unturned, do one's utmost
fer la vida impossible a algú
torment/harass/plague/persecute someone; give someone a hard time

impossibles: fer els impossiblesmove heaven and earth, leave no stone unturned, do one's utmost

impressió: de primera impressióat first glance, at first blush

agafar d'improvís
take by surprise, catch off guard, catch unawares
suddenly, out of the blue, unexpectedly

impuls: donar impulsboost, bolster, advance, promote

impulsos: els impulsos del corthe promptings of the heart

in: agafar in fraganticatch red-handed

incògnit: d'incògnitincognito

inconvenient: no tenir inconvenienthave no objection

índia: en fila índiain single file

indirecta: deixar anar una indirectadrop a hint

indisposar: indisposar-se ambhave a falling out with

infern: de bones intencions, l'infern n'és plethe road to hell is paved with good intentions

inflar el cap (d'algú)
put ideas in (someone's) head; brainwash, indoctrinate, influence, convince someone
inflar els morros a algú
give someone a beating, thrashing, whipping

inflexió: punt d'inflexióturning point

ínfules: tenir ínfulesbe pretentious, put on airs

ingerir: ingerir-se en un afermeddle/interfere in an affair

iniciats: operacions d'iniciatsinsider trading

inrevés: a l'inrevésbackwards, the other way around

inri: per més inrito make matters worse

insabuda: a la insabudawithout knowing

instància: en última/darrera instànciaultimately, in the end, when all is said and done

a cada instant
very often, again and again
a l'instant
at once, right away, instantly
en un instant
in a flash

instrucció: jutge d'instruccióexamining magistrate

instruir: instruir una causaprosecute a case

intempèrie: a la intempèrieout in the open, in the open air

amb segona intenció
with a hidden meaning
de primera intenció
1 [espontàniament] on the spur of the moment, off the cuff 2 [provisionalment] for the time being, for the moment
de bones intencions, l'infern n'és ple
the road to hell is paved with good intentions
segones intencions
ulterior motive (ex.: Us ofereixo el meu ajut, sense segones intencions = I offer you my help without any ulterior motive)
posar interès en
take an interest in
sentir interès per
be interested in

interessant: fer-se l'interessantmake oneself seem (more) interesting

interessos: interessos creatsvested interest/interests

haver inventat la sopa d'all
to state as a novelty what is already known to everyone; to be presumptious
no haver inventat la pólvora
not very intelligent; to be no rocket scientist; dumber than (a box of rocks / a sack of hammers)

inversa: a la inversabackwards, the other way around

iu: fer iu-iu a algúgive someone the creeps, the heebie-jeebies | Dites visca!