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o ara o mai
now or never
o caixa o faixa
all or nothing

obeir: obeir al fet quebe due to, arise from the fact that

a cel obert
outdoors, in the open air
com un llibre obert
like an open book; easy to get to know
dormir amb un ull obert
sleep with one eye open
veure el cel obert
see one's way out of a difficulty; come out smelling like a rose

obliga: qui promet s'obligaa promise is a promise

per oblit
by/through an oversight, inadvertently
relegar a l'oblit
relegate to obscurity
treure de l'oblit
rescue from oblivion, bring to light
mà d'obra
obra de consulta
reference book
obra de teatre
per obra de
through the work of
per obra i gràcia de
through/by the kind offices of
posar en obra
carry out, achieve, perform
posar mans a l'obra
to get started on something, to get working at something
ser l'obra de la seu
be long drawn-out, interminable, never-ending

obres: fer obres a[una casa] work on, reform, fix up, repair

en un tancar i obrir d'ulls
quickly, fast; in the blink of an eye; in two shakes of a lamb's tail, in a flash/jiffy
obrir el camí
open the way
obrir el cor
bare one's soul
obrir el meló
deal with a troublesome problem; open a can of worms
obrir els ulls
1 [vigilar] be alert, be on the lookout 2 [desenganyar-se] see the light, see things as they really are
obrir els ulls a algú
wise someone up, warn someone
obrir els ulls a la llum
be born
obrir en canal
slit open, from top to bottom; [fig.] excoriate, severely criticize
obrir la caixa de Pandora
open a Pandora's box
obrir la mà
[moderar el rigor] ease off, give some slack, lighten up
obrir la marxa
lead the way, head the procession
obrir (pas/camí)
pave the way
obrir un bufet
[llei] hang out one's shingle
obrir-se camí
make one's way
obrir-se una via d'aigua
spring a leak
no obstant això
however, nevertheless; be that as it may; all the same
no obstant
in spite of, despite (ex.: No obstant l'impediment, es va poder casar = In spite of the difficulty, he was able to get married)

obtenir: obtenir a polsachieve through personal effort

ocàs: l'ocàs de la vidathe declining years, senescence

en ocasió de
on the occasion of
a vista d'ocell
bird's-eye view
ocell de nit
night owl
ocell de pas
[persona] wanderer, rambler, roamer, rover; rolling stone
val més un ocell a la mà que cent a volar
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

ociositat: l'ociositat és la mare de tots els vicisthe devil finds work for idle hands

ofegar: ofegar-se en un got d'aiguamake a mountain out of a molehill

ofegats: pèsols ofegatsstewed peas

ofensiva: prendre l'ofensivago on the offensive

on sale (at a reduced price)
l'oferta i la demanda
supply and demand
gangues de l'ofici
occupational hazards
sense ofici ni benefici
worthless, good-for-nothing
bons oficis
good word, commendation, favorable mention
dotze oficis, tretze misèries
jack of all trades, master of none
home de molts oficis, (pobre segur / mestre de res)
jack of all trades, master of none

ogre: menjar com un ogreeat like a horse

ois: fer oisbe disgusting, sickening, revolting

com posar oli en un llum
be smooth/plain sailing; be a perfect fit, be just what the doctor ordered
com una bassa d'oli
smooth, quiet, tranquil
de pa sucat amb oli
mediocre, bogus, shabby, second-rate, two-bit
estendre's/escampar-se com una taca d'oli
spread like wildfire
haver begut oli
have had it, be done for, be sunk
no tenir sal ni oli
be dim-witted; be slow on the uptake
passar de taca d'oli
overdo it, go overboard, go too far; run something into the ground
peix que es porta l'oli
quick-witted, clever, astute
qui oli mesura/remena, els dits se n'unta
he who deals with money is often tempted to keep some for himself
una i oli!
never more!

òliba: com una òlibasolitary

canviar l'aigua de les olives
answer the call of nature, take a leak
olives farcides
stuffed olives
cul d'olla
dunce, blockhead, bonehead, numskull, fool, simpleton
destapar l'olla
tell all; spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag
fart d'olla
glutton, hog
fer bullir l'olla
make ends meet, muddle through
no haver trencat cap plat ni cap olla
butter wouldn't melt in (one's) mouth (ex.: va sortir del jutjat amb posat de no haver trencat mai cap plat ni cap olla = he came out of court looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth)
no poder tirar pilota a l'olla
not be able to (make ends meet / get|scrape by)
no poder-ne tirar cap tros a l'olla
not be able to (make ends meet / get|scrape by)
olla de grills/cols
raucous gathering/assembly/meeting; tumult, clamor
ser de l'olla
be among those in power; rule the roost, be in control
treure faves d'olla
recover, recuperate, show improvement; [salut] get better/well, convalesce
vatua l'olla!
what the heck!, what the hell! [vulg.]; darn it!, dammit! [vulg.]; fuck! [tabú]
els testos s'assemblen a les olles
like father, like son
saber del llim de les olles
know the score/ropes, know one's (way around / stuff)

olor: fer olor de cremat/socarrimarouse suspicion, raise doubt, cause apprehension

om: demanar peres a l'omask for the impossible

a l'ombra
secretly, surreptitiously, stealthily, undercover, furtively
fer ombra
1 [sombrar] provide shade 2 [superar] eclipse, overshadow, outshine 3 [protegir] watch over, look after, keep safe
una ombra de
a tiny amount, a smidgen, a wee bit, a scintilla

ombres: dur les ombres morteslook (discouraged / crestfallen / dispirited / in the dumps)

omís: fer cas omís detake no notice of, ignore, overlook, neglect

omplir el cap a algú
talk someone's ear off; annoy/upset someone by talking too much
omplir el cor
delight, enchant, please, thrill
omplir el pap
have a meal, chow down, fall to, fill one's belly
omplir la mesura
be the last straw, to top it off; go to extremes
omplir (la panxa / el pap)
eat, chow down, have a meal
omplir les aspiracions d'algú
fulfill someone's wishes, gratify someone
omplir una vacant
fill a post
omplir-se les butxaques
make a lot of money, make money hand over fist, do a land-office business
on sant Pere va perdre l'espardenya
in the middle of nowhere, in the boondocks, in/at the back of beyond
on va la corda va el poal
inseparable, thick as thieves
on vas a parar!
you've gone too far!, you're going overboard!, that's over the top!

operacions: operacions d'iniciatsinsider trading

opinió: canviar d'opinióhave second thoughts, change one's mind

oportú: al moment oportúat the right time

oposició: en oposició ambopposed to (ex.: Les seves idees estan en oposició amb les meves = His ideas are opposed to mine)

anar al cel de les oques
go where those who don't believe in God go after death
sempre han tingut bec les oques
there's always been evil in the world
a pes d'or
at a high price
excellent, wonderful (ex.: un consell d'or = excellent advice)
el temps és or
time is money
fer-se d'or
get rich, make a lot of money, make a bundle
fer-se la barba d'or
make a fortune, make a bundle
no és d'or tot el que lluu
all that glitters is not gold
no per tot l'or del món
not for all (the world / the tea in China)
noces d'or
golden wedding anniversary
val més or que no pesa
be worth one's/its weight in gold

oracions: trencar les oracions a algúinterrupt someone, make them lose their train of thought

ordiga: l'ordiga sempre espigaa bad penny always turns up

ordinari: d'ordinariusual

cridar a l'ordre
call to account, hold accountable/responsible
de l'ordre de
on the order of
en ordre a
with a view to
mot d'ordre
1 [lema] watchword, rallying cry 2 [contrasenya] password
ordre públic
law and order
sense ordre ni concert
haphazardly, willy-nilly, chaotically
a cau d'orella
in a whisper
anar calent d'orella
be drunk, loaded, tight, bombed, pissed [Br.]
burxar l'orella a algú
egg someone on, goad someone
dir a cau d'orella
whisper in someone's ear
donar/prestar orella
listen; take notice; lend an ear
dur d'orella
hard of hearing
ensenyar l'orella
show one's true colors; involuntarily reveal one's hidden intentions/agenda
entrar per una orella i sortir per l'altra
go in one ear and out the other
fer l'orella sorda
ignore, turn a deaf ear, look the other way, pay no attention, take no notice
mal d'orella
orella baix
timid, timorous, pusillanimous
amb un pam d'orelles
all ears
calent d'orelles
drunk, tipsy, loaded, tight, bombed, pissed [Br.]
dreçar les orelles
pay attention
estirar les orelles a algú
scold someone, give someone a slap on the wrist, rap someone's knuckles
femella d'orelles
wing nut
fer orelles de (cònsol / marxant / paret)
ignore, turn a deaf ear, look the other way, pay no attention, take no notice
les parets tenen orelles
the walls have ears
parar orelles
prick up one's ears
regalar les orelles
flatter, sweet-talk, play up to
tenir les orelles a cal ferrer
be deaf/oblivious, pay no attention/mind, disregard; [fingint] ignore, turn a deaf ear
tot orelles
all ears
treure's la son de les orelles
get on the ball, get with it
una escalfada/fregada d'orelles
a chewing out, a talking to, a scolding
veure les orelles del llop
be in danger, at risk
veure's les orelles
get back on one's feet, be up and about; take heart, pluck/gather up one's courage
xiular-li a algú les orelles
to have one's ears ring
xiular-li les orelles (a algú)
someone's ears burn

oremus: perdre l'oremuslose control of oneself; get disoriented, confused

oreneta: una oreneta no fa estiuone swallow doesn't make a summer

no es pot manxar i tocar l'orgue
you can't have your cake and eat it too
orgue de gats
raucous gathering/assembly/meeting; tumult, clamor

orgues: no estar per orguesbe in no mood for jokes; not want to get involved

oriol: renegar com un oriolswear like a sailor

orni: fer l'orni[desentendre's] ignore, turn a deaf ear, look the other way, pay no attention, take no notice; [dissimular] play dumb, pretend not to understand

a/en orri
galore; in abundance, aplenty, in profusion
fer orri
to milk sheep

orris: anar-se'n en orri(s)go to rack/wrack and ruin, go to hell in a handbasket [vulg.]

orsa: anar a l'orsa — 1 [navegar] to luff 2 [anar malament] go to rack/wrack and ruin

orxata: tenir sang d'orxatabe sluggish, lethargic, listless

fins al moll (d'os / de l'os / dels ossos)
to the core, to the marrow
no tenir cap os sencer
be exhausted, done in, all in, dead tired
no tenir més que (ossos / la pell i l'os)
be skin and bones
no trencar-s'hi cap os
act/work sluggishly, slothfully, lethargically
os pedrer!
good gosh! goodness gracious!
tenir l'os bertran
be lazy, bone idle, slothful
tenir un os a l'esquena
be lazy, bone idle, slothful
un os dur de rosegar
a tough nut to crack; a tough/difficult question, a difficult problem

ós: vendre la pell de l'ós abans de caçar-locount one's chickens before they hatch

osques: anar lluny d'osquesbe mistaken, off the beam, wide of the mark

de carn i ossos
flesh and blood
en carn i ossos
in the flesh
fins al moll (d'os / de l'os / dels ossos)
to the core, to the marrow
maleir els ossos (d'algú)
curse/revile (algú); damn (algú) [vulg.] (ex.: Els veïns ens devien maleir els ossos per la festa d'anit = The neighbors must have cursed us for last night's party)
no tenir més que (ossos / la pell i l'os)
be skin and bones
no tenir més que ossos
be skin and bones
qui no té tall rosega els ossos
any port in a storm
rosegar els ossos
bear the brunt
tornar els ossos al lloc
get back on one's feet, be up and about
un sac d'ossos
very thin, skin and bones

ostentació: fer ostentacióbe presumptuous, show off, flaunt, grandstand

ostra: avorrir-se com una ostrabe bored stiff

al rovell de l'ou
right in the center
amagar l'ou
hide one's intentions, dissemble
assemblar-se com un ou a una castanya
be completely unlike, dissimilar
beu-te aquest ou, que l'altre es cou!
put that in your pipe and smoke it!
com un ou i una castanya
as different as chalk and cheese
costar un ou [vulg.]
be very difficult, grueling, backbreaking
el rovell de l'ou
coses o persones preeminents
no haver sortit de l'ou
be a babe in the woods; be a greenhorn
pela aquest ou que l'altre ja es cou
it's no big deal; don't make a federal case of it
ple com un ou
full to bursting, jam-packed, very crowded, chock-a-block
buscar/trobar pèls als ous
split hairs, nitpick, complicate things unnecessarily; quibble, be finicky and hard to please
coure-s'hi ous
so hot you can fry an egg (on the sidewalk)
fer els ous en terra
screw up, foul up, blunder, make a mess/hash of something
ja pots cridar ous a vendre
you can save your breath
la mare dels ous
origin, root, lineage
tenir ous [vulg.]
have guts
tocar a algú els ous [vulg.]
hassle, bother, harass, plague someone; fuck with someone [tabú]
trobar pèls als ous
split hairs, nitpick, complicate things unnecessarily; quibble, be finicky and hard to please
per Nadal cada ovella al seu corral
everyone should be home for Christmas
ser un llop amb pell d'ovella
be a wolf in sheep's clothing
tenir cara d'ovella i urpes de llop
be a wolf in sheep's clothing | Dites visca!