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Dites visca! R

anar rabent
to hurry, be in a rush
sortir rabent
get off to a flying start
fer ràbia
bother, annoy, infuriate, exasperate
mort el gos, morta la ràbia
dead dogs don't bite

ració: posar a racióration out

deixar de racó
leave out of account, ignore, cold-shoulder, overlook, scorn
fer racó
save up, put by
racó de món
corner of the world
això rai!
no problem!, no sweat!, don't worry!, that's not important!
encara rai
thank goodness, fortunately, luckily
malament rai!
worse luck!
a bell raig
galore; in abundance, in plenty, in profusion
a raig fet
1 abundantly, in a big way 2 incessantly 3 spontaneously, without forethought, off the top of one's head
d'un raig
without a break, uninterruptedly, without stopping
un raig d'esperança
a ray of hope
un raig d'hòsties
a thrashing, a shellacking, a battering
un raig de
a great number of; lots of, tons of, loads of

raïm: mitja figa, mig raïmdubiously, ambiguously, indefinitely; neither fish nor fowl

raïms: quan no són figues són raïmsif it's not one thing, it's another

d'on no n'hi ha no en raja
one can't get blood from a stone/turnip
tal com raja
any old way; [abandonant la prudència] throwing caution to the wind

rajada: tenir el fetge de rajadabe carefree, unconcerned, blithe, happy-go-lucky

rajaploma: a rajaplomaspontaneously, without forethought, off the top of one's head

cara de pa de ral
un lladre de camí ral
a common thief, punk, swindler
plegar el ram
give up (the ship), bail/bow/drop out
ram d'aigua
downpour, cloudburst, deluge
ser del ram de l'aigua
be gay/homosexual

ramat: un ramat dea great number of; lots of, tons of, loads of

rambla: criar-se com els arbres de la ramblagrow up wild

rampells: a rampellscapriciously, whimsically; erratically, eccentrically

rancor: guardar rancorhold/have/bear a grudge

randa: fil per randa/agullain detail, thoroughly, exhaustively

rang: d'alt rangeminent, celebrated, famous, renowned, illustrious, notable

a raó de
at a/the rate of
amb raó
rightly so, with good reason
contra tota raó
unreasonably, senselessly, inexcusably, indefensibly, unjustifiably
donar la raó a
agree with, go along with; accept/admit/acknowledge that someone is right
donar raó de
provide (information / an explanation) about
entrar en raó
see the light
estar carregat de raó
be absolutely in the right
per raó de
because of, owing to, due to
perdre la raó
1 [enfollir] lose one's mind, go crazy, take leave of one's senses, go off the deep end 2 [descontrolar-se] lose control of oneself, lose one's grip, go out of control
posar-se/venir a la raó
accede to, acknowledge, acquiesce; go along with
posat en raó
reasonable, acceptable, fair, fitting, suitable
raó de pes
compelling reason
raó de ser
raison d'être
raó petitòria
cause of action
sense raó
for no good reason
ser de raó
be only right
tenir més raó que un sant
be absolutely right
tenir raó
to be right
anar-se'n en raons
beat around/about the bush
avenir-se a raons
listen to reason
buscar/cercar raons
infuriate, exasperate, aggravate, rile, anger
contrarian, troublemaker, squabbler, quarreler
estar a raons
to chat, to talk
fer passar (algú) amb raons
give someone the runaround; make excuses
moure raons
cause problems, make trouble
no entendre's de raons/romanços
not listen to reason
raons d'estat
the national interest
tenir raons
argue, quarrel, bicker, squabble

rara: rara avismaverick, oddball, odd bird; exception to the rule

raro: fer un rarothrow a tantrum

(a camp / al) ras
in the open
clar i ras
straight out, emphatically, with no ifs, ands or buts
ras i curt
short and to the point, short and sweet
ras i llis
1 [fàcilment] easily 2 [a la clara] frankly, forthrightly, without beating around the bush
ni el rastre
neither hide nor hair
perdre el rastre
lose track
rata de biblioteca
rata de sagristia
very devout person
una rata sàvia
a know-it-all

ratera: caure a la raterafall for something, be completely taken in, be had, fall like a ton of bricks

a gat vell, rateta tendra
older men are attracted by younger women
fer la rateta
reflect sunlight off a mirror
a la ratlla de
about, around, approximately
fer (creu i) ratlla a
have nothing more to do with, have done with, give the boot to
mantenir/posar a ratlla
hold/keep (at bay / in check / in line)
passar ratlla
cross/scratch/strike out
passar(-se) de la ratlla
overdo it, go overboard, go too far; run something into the ground
posar ratlla a
limit, confine, restrict; do away with
tenir (algú) a ratlla
keep (someone) in line
llegir entre ratlles
read between the lines
quatre ratlles
a short note

ratolins: quan el gat no hi és, els ratolins ballenwhen the cat's away the mice will play

ratxa: mala ratxalosing streak

ratxes: a ratxesby fits and starts, off and on

rau: rau-rau — 1 [panxa] growling 2 [consciència] pangs of conscience

raure: anar a raure ahead to; end up in/at

rauxes: a rauxeserratically; on-again, off-again; by fits and starts

agafar el rave per les fulles
take something (the wrong way / personally)
dret com un rave
bolt upright, straight as a die
importar un rave
be irrelevant, insignificant, unimportant; to not care less (ex.: m'importa un rave = I couldn't care less)
un rave fregit
nothing at all; horsefeathers!, poppycock!, fiddledeedee!

realitat: en realitatactually

rebat: per rebatto wind/finish up; as a finishing touch

petar-se/pixar-se/rebentar-se/trencar-se de riure
laugh one's head off, crack up, be in stitches, split one's sides
rebentar-se de riure
laugh one's head off, crack up, be in stitches, split one's sides

reblar: reblar el clauclinch it, hammer it home, bring it to a conclusion

rebombori: armar un rebomboriraise a ruckus, kick up a fuss, raise Cain, cause a disturbance, cause an uproar

rebot: de reboton the rebound

qui dóna rebre espera
those who give expect something in return
tocar el rebre
be in for it

rebut: qui gemega, ja ha rebut!that's life!; that's the way the (ball bounces / cookie crumbles)!

de recanvi
spare (ex.: roda de recanvi = spare tire)
peça de recanvi
spare part
roba de recanvi
a change of clothes
dóna recapte a casa teva!
mind your own business!
donar recapte a
take care of, deal with
a recer de
sheltered from
a recer
under cover, sheltered

recerca: a la recerca dein search of

recollir: recollir el guantaccept the challenge

recony: recony! [vulg.]son of a bitch!, damn!, holy shit! [tots vulg.]

recordar: no recordar-se de Santa Bàrbara fins que tronabe ungrateful, unappreciative

records: donar records a algú de part degive one's regards to someone; say hello to someone for someone

recta: en línia rectastraight, in a line; orderly

a/de recules
backwards, backing up
caminar de recules
walk/go backwards

reculons: a/de reculonsbackwards, backing up

recurs: com a últim recursas a last resort

redols: a redolssporadically, by fits and starts

redós: a redós/redossaunder cover, sheltered

redossa: a redós/redossaunder cover, sheltered

reflux: flux i refluxebb and flow

refredar: deixar refredar una cosapostpone, put something off; put something on hold

refredat: agafar un refredatcatch a cold

refresc: de refrescin reserve

refrescar: refrescar la memòria d'algúremind someone; refresh someone's memory

regadora: veu de regadoraa hoarse/raspy/gravelly voice

regalada: a la regaladain comfort, in luxury, affluently, opulently

regalar: regalar les orellesflatter, sweet-talk, play up to

regirar l'estómac
make one sick (to one's stomach); make one nauseous
regirar-ho tot
make a big/major/dramatic change
regirar-se un peu
twist one's ankle
regirar-se-li la bilis
bother/annoy/irritate someone; rub someone the wrong way
en regla
in order
l'excepció que confirma la regla
the exception that proves the rule
per regla general
as a rule

regna: a regna soltaat will, at liberty, without restrictions

afluixar les regnes
ease up/off, let up, slacken
agafar les regnes
take/gain/get control
portar les regnes
to head, be in charge, lead, supervise
a cos de rei
with complete satisfaction of all desires
parlant del rei de Roma
speak of the devil
peu de rei
quedar com un rei
make a good impression
tenir un rei al cos
be arrogant, be high and mighty
viure com un rei
live the (life of Riley / good life)

reina: reina santíssima!good heavens!, my goodness!

reixes: entre reixesbehind bars

relació: en relació amb/awhen it comes to, with regard to, as for

relegar: relegar a l'oblitrelegate to obscurity

de gran relleu
of great importance
posar en/de relleu
emphasize, stress, highlight, point up

rellisca: can pixa (i rellisca)a madhouse

com un rellotge
right on time
contra rellotge
[esport] against the clock
treballar contra rellotge
work against the clock
a rem i vela
as fast as possible, flat out, at full/top speed, full tilt
a tot rem
as fast as possible, flat out, at full/top speed, full tilt
ficar el rem
blunder, make a fool of oneself, put one's foot in one's mouth; put one's foot in it [Br.]
portar el rem
to head, be in charge, lead, supervise

remà: a remàinconvenient, troublesome, out of one's way

el remei és pitjor que la malaltia
the cure is worse than the disease
ni per remei
not even a little/bit
no haver-hi altre remei
there be no other choice; be inevitable, unavoidable
no tenir més remei que
can't help [+gerundi]
no tenir remei
there's no help for it
posar remei
resolve, clear up, figure out
quin remei!
there's no help for it!
ser pitjor el remei que la malaltia
the cure is worse than the disease

remeis: als grans mals, grans remeisdesperate times call for desperate measures

per triar i remenar
in abundance, galore
remenar la cua
make one's presence felt/known
remenar la perdiu
waste time over an affair; procrastinate, delay
remenar les cireres
call the shots, be in control, have the last word, have the final say

remitjó: i remitjóand then some

remolí: no fer ni pols ni remolíbe innocuous, unoffending; be bland, insipid

remoure: remoure cel i terramove heaven and earth, leave no stone unturned, do one's utmost

remull: posar en remullput on guard, alert, warn, tip off

remullar: posar la barba a remullarprepare oneself, make/get ready

renda: viure de rendalive on interest income

rendir: rendir culte aworship, honor, glorify, exalt, put on a pedestal

renecs: dir renecsswear, curse, cuss; be foul-mouthed

renegar com un carreter
swear like a (sailor [Am.] / trooper [Br.])
renegar com un oriol
swear like a sailor

renoi: renoi!holy Moses/Toledo/cow/smoke/cats!, good heavens!

rentar la cara a
to suck up to [vulg.], to brown-nose [vulg.], fawn on
rentar la cara amb un drap brut
cheat, dupe, con, swindle, hoodwink, bamboozle, bilk; pull the wool over someone's eyes, take someone in
rentar-se les mans de
wash one's hands of [cf. Mateu 27:24]

rentatge: rentatge de cervellbrainwashing

renyines: moure renyinescause problems, make trouble

renyit: estar renyit amb algú(be at odds / have had a falling out) with someone

repartir hòsties
hit out, lash out, attack
repartir llenya
attack, assault, light into
a repèl
against the grain, counter to, at odds with
venir a repèl
be troublesome/bothersome/distasteful

repetir: repetir com un lloroto parrot

repicar: no es pot repicar i anar a la processóyou can't have your cake and eat it too; you can't have it both ways

repicó: i repicóand then some

reprendre: reprendre el filtake up where one has left off

abans que res
first of all, before anything else
com aquell que (no fa) res
playing dumb, pretending not to understand
com aquell qui res
playing dumb, pretending not to understand
com qui no diu res
as if it were nothing, as if it had no importance
com si res
1 [sense tenir en compte el que ha passat] unconcernedly, offhandedly 2 [sense tenir en compte el que hom ha dit] heedlessly
de res!
it's nothing!, not at all!, no problem!
en un no res
right away, immediately
en un tres i no res
quickly, fast; in the blink of an eye; (in / like / quick as) a flash; in two shakes of a lamb's tail; before you can say Jack Robinson
no comptar per a res
be good-for-nothing, useless, worthless
no deixar res per verd
1 [exhaustiu] leave nothing undone 2 [acaparar] to hoard
no dir res a algú
[no produir cap impressió] leave someone cold
no estar-se de res
not deny oneself anything
no hi fa res
it doesn't matter, it isn't important; never mind
no m'hi va res
it means nothing to me
no n'has de fer res!
none of your business!
no pintar-hi res
play no role (in a business, an affair, etc.); to have no say
no tenir res a veure amb
have nothing to do with
no treu cap a res
not amount to anything; be useless, irrelevant
no treure cap a res
be beside the point, be neither here nor there
res de l'altre món
nothing special
val més això que res
it's better than nothing

respectar: fer-se respectarcause others to respect one

respecte: al respecteon this point

respirar: respirar a plens pulmonsbreathe a sigh of relief

respostes: tornar respostestalk back

ressò: fer-se ressò detell the world, spread the news/word, make something known

ressopó: fer ressopóhave a midnight snack

resta: la resta són tronsthe rest is secondary; nothing else matters/counts

no restar a la saga
not be left behind
restar com qui veu visions
be flabbergasted, surprised, astounded, astonished; be struck all of a heap
restar de pedra
be flabbergasted, surprised, astounded, astonished; be struck all of a heap
restar en
agree (on)
restar en peu (un problema / una oferta)
be pending/unsettled
restar glaçat
be flabbergasted, surprised, astounded, astonished; be struck all of a heap

restret: anar restretbe constipated

resultes: de resultes deas a consequence of

resum: en resumsumming up, to sum up

retard: de retarddelayed

retenir: retenir la llenguahold one's tongue

retirada: batre's en retiradaretreat, fall back, give ground; turn tail

retirar de la circulació
1 [diners] withdraw from circulation 2 [arraconar] set aside, get rid of
retirar la paraula
1 [desdir-se] go back on one's word 2 [excusar-se] apologize; take back what one has said
de retop
on the rebound, indirectly
no tenir retop
there be no two ways about it
retre compte
give an account of; justify, provide (information / an explanation) about, substantiate
retre culte a
worship, honor, glorify, exalt, put on a pedestal
retre l'ànima a Déu
give up the ghost, meet one's Maker

retrets: fer retrets a algútake someone to task; to reproach, admonish, rebuke someone

retruc: de retrucon the rebound, indirectly

retxa: posar a retxa/rotlle algúmake someone (come to heel / toe the line)

retxes: fer retxes dins l'aiguamake an effort (in vain / fruitlessly); to spin one's wheels

de reüll
out of the corner of one's eye
mirar de reüll
look askance (at)

reverència: fer una reverènciato bow

al revés
backwards, upside down, inside out, back to front
al revés de
the opposite of

reveure: a reveure!so long!, see you later!, goodbye!

revisió: en revisióunder review

reviure: fer reviurerevive, breathe new life into, revitalize

revolada: d'una revoladaimpulsively, impetuously, rashly, hotheadedly, recklessly

rialles: barret de riallesbarrel of laughs; buffoon, joker, wag

ribot: passar el ribotemend, touch up (ex.: Valdria la pena passar el ribot a aquest article = It would be worth touching up this article)

fastigosament ric
filthy rich
fer-se ric
get rich, become wealthy
més ric que un grill
richer than Croesus
fer el ridícul
make a fool of oneself
posar en ridícul algú
make a fool of someone
prendre-s'ho rient
laugh something off; not make a big deal of something, not worry about it; be indifferent
rient rient
before one knew it; what with one thing and another
(tot) rient, rient
before you know it

rifeta: anar tirant de la rifetalive the life of Riley

amb tot rigor
meticulously, scrupulously
de rigor
de rigeur, conventional, necessary, fitting
en rigor
strictly speaking, actually

ris: fer un risloop the loop

a risc de
at the risk of
córrer el risc
take a chance, take a gamble
fer un riu
take a piss/leak, go to the bathroom/toilet, to pee
la sang no arribarà al riu
it's not that big a deal
més corre una gota de sang que un riu d'aigua
blood is thicker than water
compixar-se de riure
laugh one's head off, crack up, be in stitches, split one's sides
de per riure
facetiously, jokingly, offhandedly, in jest
escapar-se el riure
laugh involuntarily
esclafir el riure
burst out laughing
fer riure
to be absurd
fer-se un panxó de riure
laugh one's head off, crack up, be in stitches, split one's sides
no ser cosa de riure
be no laughing matter
partir-se de riure
laugh one's head off, crack up, be in stitches, split one's sides
petar-se/pixar-se/rebentar-se/trencar-se de riure
laugh one's head off, crack up, be in stitches, split one's sides
riure de les dents enfora
force a laugh
riure (per les butxaques / pels colzes)
laugh heartily, uproariously
riure per sota el nas
laugh up one's sleeve
riure's del món
be carefree and untroubled
riure's del mort i del qui el vetlla
make a joke out of everything, make fun of everyone
riure's del sant i de la festa
make a joke out of everything, make fun of everyone
a frec de roba
point blank
haver-hi roba estesa
there are children present; little pitchers have big ears
nedar i guardar la roba
play both ends against the middle; profit from a situation without risking oneself or making a commitment
roba de recanvi
a change of clothes
tanta roba i tan poc sabó (i tan neta que la volen)
so much to do and so little to do it with

robar: robar hores al sonburn the midnight oil, work day and night

robat: tenir el cor robatto have had one's heart stolen (ex.: Ella em té el cor robat = She has stolen my heart)

Robert: fer el negoci d'en Robert de les cabresget swindled, get conned, make a bad deal

Roc: com sant Roc i el gosinseparable, thick as thieves, hand in glove

roc: guardar-se un roc a la faixahave an ace in the hole, have something put aside/away

Roca: anar a veure el senyor Rocago to the bathroom/restroom; see a man about a dog

roca: fort com una rocasolid as a rock

roda: fer la roda[ocell] spread its tail

rodament: rodament de capvertigo, dizziness, giddiness, lightheadedness

engegar a rodar algú
tell someone to get lost, to go away, to take a hike, to beat it, to hit the road; send someone packing
engegar a rodar alguna cosa
ruin, destroy, wreck something
engegar-ho/enviar-ho/llançar-ho tot a rodar
give up, throw in the towel, wash one's hands of it; say to hell with it [vulg.]
fer rodar el cap a algú
make someone's head swim
rodar el cap a algú
have one's head swim, feel dizzy (ex.: em roda el cap = my head is swimming)
rodar món
see the world

rodatge: en rodatgein a trial period

anar sobre rodes
go (smoothly, like clockwork, without a hitch, swimmingly)
combregar amb rodes de molí
to believe/swallow anything
fer combregar amb rodes de molí
cheat, dupe, con, swindle, hoodwink, bamboozle, bilk; pull the wool over someone's eyes, take someone in
no poder anar ni amb rodes
be useless/good-for-nothing/worthless
no pot anar ni amb rodes
there's no way that will work
perquè el carro marxi, cal untar les rodes
to obtain something, one must often pay or offer something in exchange
posar bastons a les rodes
hinder, impede, thwart, hamper, obstruct
caure rodó
fall flat
compte rodó
round figures
en rodó
categorically, decidedly, absolutely
fer rodó
to top it off
girar en rodó
turn around
no girar rodó
be off one's head/rocker
sortir rodó
be successful, bear fruit, turn out well
a empentes i rodolons
arduously, laboriously
a rodolons
1 [rodolant] rolling down 2 [de mala manera] badly, wrong

rogent: cel rogent, pluja o ventred sky in the morning, sailor take warning

haver-hi molts camins per anar a Roma
there be more than one way to skin a cat
parlant del rei de Roma
speak of the devil
deixar-se de romanços
come/get to the point, get down to business, get down to brass tacks
no em vinguis amb romanços (i acaba de sopar)!
don't put me on!, don’t give me that jazz!, don't waste my time!
no entendre's de raons/romanços
not listen to reason
no estar per romanços
not have time to fool around
horsefeathers!, poppycock!, fiddledeedee!

romeguera: trobar una romegueraget held up, be delayed

rompent: al rompent de l’albaat the break of day

rompre el dia
break of day
rompre el glaç
break the ice
rompre's el cap
rack one's brains (ex.: M'he trencat el cap cercant-hi una solució, però de moment no me n'he sortit = I've racked my brains to come up with a solution, but so far haven't come up with one)
rompre's el coll
break one's neck
rompre's (la cara / l'esquena)
make an effort, put oneself out, take pains, go out of one's way

ronda: anar de rondatake a walk/stroll

ronsa: fer el/la ronsaprocrastinate, put off, shilly-shally

ronya: buscar ronya al covesplit hairs, nitpick, complicate things unnecessarily; quibble, be finicky and hard to please

costar un ronyó
cost an arm and a leg
fer-se un ronyó d'or
make a lot of money, make money hand over fist, do a land-office business
tenir el ronyó cobert
be a man of means; be rich, wealthy, well-off, well-to-do, loaded
fresc com una rosa
fresh as a daisy
novel·la rosa
romance novel (ex.: Les novel·les roses tenen com a centre d'interès les relacions amoroses = The main focus of romance novels is on romantic love)
veure-ho tot de color de rosa
see the world through (rose-colored|rose-tinted) glasses
acabar com el rosari de l'aurora
come to a bad end, come to grief, go up in smoke
un rosari de
a series/string of (ex.: Els periodistes li van fer un rosari de preguntes = The reporters asked him a series of questions)
canviar de rosca
change the subject, go on to something else
fer la rosca
compliment, flatter, coax, play up to, soft-soap, sweet-talk, inveigle, cajole, suck up to[vulg.]
passar de rosca
go overboard, go to extremes

rosega: qui no té tall rosega els ossosany port in a storm

rosegar els ossos
bear the brunt
rosegar-se els punys
tear one's hair

rosegons: fer rosegons (de)disdain, scorn, disparage, hold in contempt

camí/llit de roses
bed of roses
no hi ha roses sense espines
there is no joy without pain

ròssec: a ròssecdragging; crawling, on all fours

rossegons: a rossegonsdragging; crawling, on all fours

rostoll: com un barb en un rostolllike a fish out of water, like a square peg in a round hole,

rota: no em rotaI don't feel like it

fer fer rotlle
have people widen the circle
fer rotlle a algú
pay attention to someone
posar a retxa/rotlle algú
make someone (come to heel / toe the line)
posar a rotlle algú
make someone (come to heel / toe the line)
treure a rotlle
trot out, bring up, come out with; [presumidament] flaunt, show off
fer rotllo
1 [reunir-se entorn] surround, gather round 2 [formar rotllana] make a circle 3 [fer-se remarcar] make a strong impression, be influential
tallar el rotllo
put an end to the fun; be a (party pooper / killjoy / wet blanket)
donar (un aglà / una gla) per fer cagar un roure
give a little in order to get a lot back
fort com un roure
strong as an ox
una gla fa un roure
great/mighty oaks from little acorns grow
al rovell de l'ou
right in the center
el rovell de l'ou
coses o persones preeminents

rua: a rua fetain a line/group

alaba't ruc! (alaba't ruc que a fira et duc!)
caure del ruc
catch on, get the picture/idea, get it through one's head
home casat, ruc espatllat
a married man is even more useless than a bachelor
més ruc que un sabatot
dumber than a (box of rocks / sack of hammers)
no veure-hi tres dalt d'un ruc
be blind as a bat
fer rumb a
to head for
perdre el rumb
go astray, go adrift; lose one's way
sense rumb

ruta: full de rutaroadmap

rutlla: tot rutllaeverything goes (smoothly, like clockwork, without a hitch, swimmingly) | Dites visca!