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u: ser tot ube one and the same

ufana: fer ufanablow one's own horn; brag, boast

a bell ull
by sight, at first glance, at a rough guess
a ull nu
with the naked eye
a ull
roughly, give or take a little
aclucar l'ull
get to sleep; [neg.] not sleep a wink
anar amb ull
be careful, take care, watch out, beware
cop d'ull
glance, fleeting look
costar un ull de la cara
cost an arm and a leg
donar un cop d'ull
check out, take a look at
dormir amb un ull obert
sleep with one eye open
entrar per l'ull dret
be beautiful to look at, have an attractive appearance
fer l'ull viu
be on the lookout/alert
la brossa a l'ull
the mote in the eye
mirar de cua d'ull
1 [mirar de costat] look out of the corner of one's eye at 2 [tenir prevenció] look askance at
no aclucar l'ull
not sleep a wink
no perdre d'ull
not lose sight of
no treure l'ull
1 [espiar] spy on 2 [aguaitar] not lose sight of
no veure de bon ull
[no aprovar] disapprove, reject, condemn; not go along with
no veure-hi de cap ull
1 be happy/satisfied; be bursting with pride; be walking on air, be on cloud nine 2 be very busy
plorar d'un ull
cry/shed crocodile tears
posar/ficar el dit a l'ull
scrutinize, probe; keep tabs on
tant te vull, que et trac un ull
to desire something so much that one harms it
tenir a algú el dit a l'ull
have it in for someone, feel hostility toward someone
tenir bon ull
make a good choice
tenir cop d'ull
be clear-sighted, insightful, perspicacious
tenir mal ull
bungle, foul up, goof up, mismanage
tenir pa a l'ull
not see (what is obvious / beyond one's nose)
tenir-li el dit ficat al ull
feel ill-will toward someone
trepitjar a algú l'ull de poll
step on someone's toes
treure la brossa de l'ull de l'altre
pull out the mote in another's eye
ull de poll
[de peu] corn
ull viu!
watch out!, heads up!, be careful!
un ull de vellut
a black eye
veure de bon ull
approve, support, favor, accept
veure de mal ull
disapprove of, look askance at, take a dim view of
veure la brossa/palla a l'ull de l'altre
see the beam in someone else's eye

ullada: donar una ullada acheck out, take a glance at

ulleres: fer ullereshave bags under one's eyes

ullet: fer/picar l'ulletto wink

a quatre ulls
two/both together; valen més quatre ulls que dos = two heads are better than one
a ulls clucs
1 with one's eyes closed, blindfolded 2 trustingly, guilelessly
a ulls veients
before one's (very) eyes
aclucar/cloure els ulls
die; kick the bucket, go west, buy the farm
alçar els ulls
look up; raise one's eyes
als ulls de
in one's opinion/view
amb cara i ulls
well done; up to (snuff [Am.] / scratch [Br.])
amb els ulls com taronges
with eyes as wide as saucers
amb els ulls desorbitats
wide-eyed, bug-eyed; dumbfounded, flabbergasted
amb els ulls negats
crying like a baby, weeping
amb uns ulls com unes taronges
shocked, astonished, wide-eyed, bowled over
badar uns ulls com uns salers
be all eyes
caure la bena dels ulls
see the light, wake up to the truth; have the scales fall from (one's) eyes
clavar els ulls
stare, ogle, gape
cremar-se els ulls
strain one's eyes
davant dels ulls
obvious, self-evident, under one's nose
deixar els ulls en
never tire of looking at
del que els ulls no veuen, el cor no se'n dol
out of sight, out of mind; ignorance is bliss
dormir amb els ulls oberts
sleep with one eye open
en un batre/girar d'ulls
quickly, fast; in the blink of an eye; (in / like / quick as) a flash; in two shakes of a lamb's tail; before you can say Jack Robinson
en un tancar i obrir d'ulls
quickly, fast; in the blink of an eye; in two shakes of a lamb's tail, in a flash/jiffy
enaiguar-se-li els ulls
get misty, be moved/stirred
entrar pels ulls
be beautiful to look at, have an attractive appearance
fer els ulls grossos
overlook, turn a blind eye, look the other way
fer entrar pels ulls
make obvious, make clear; bring to light
fer mal d'ulls
to look bad/terrible/awful
fer uns ulls com unes taronges
be shocked, bowled over, astonished, wide-eyed, astounded
fer-li canalera els ulls
sob/cry one's eyes out
girar els ulls en blanc
roll one's eyes
la nineta dels ulls
the apple of someone's eye
llevar/treure (a algú) la bena dels ulls
wise someone up, make someone see the light
menjar-se amb els ulls
ogle, gape at, make eyes at; [impúdicament] leer at
moll d'ulls
no tenir cara ni ulls
be senseless, nonsense, cockamamie, illogical, off-the wall, claptrap, balderdash
obrir els ulls
1 [vigilar] be alert, be on the lookout 2 [desenganyar-se] see the light, see things as they really are
obrir els ulls a algú
wise someone up, warn someone
obrir els ulls a la llum
be born
posar els ulls en algú/quelcom
set one's heart on someone/something, have designs on someone/something
quina ceba/pebre li fa coure els ulls?
what is he/she complaining about?
saltar als ulls
stick out a mile
sense cara ni ulls
slovenly, incoherent, muddled, disorganized
ser tot ulls
be all eyes
tancar els ulls a la llum
to die, pass away, breathe one's last, give up the ghost, kick the bucket, buy the farm, cash in one's chips
tenir cara i ulls
be well done; be up to (snuff [Am.] / scratch [Br.])
tenir els ulls al clatell
not see what is obvious
tenir ulls a la cara
see things clearly
tenir una bena als ulls
not see (what is obvious / beyond one's nose)
tirar-se terra als ulls
dig one's own grave, foul one's (own) nest, harm one's own cause
treure's els ulls
feud, bicker, brawl; be at daggers drawn
veure amb bons ulls
be well-disposed toward
a l'últim
finally, in conclusion
com a últim recurs
as a last resort
fer l'últim badall/sospir
die; breathe one's last, give up the ghost
l'esperança és l'últim que es perd
where there's life, there's hope
l'últim crit
the latest thing, all the rage
per últim
in conclusion, finally
ser l'últim mico
be the low man on the totem pole
a l'última hora
at the last moment
d'última hora
1 [recentíssim] latest 2 [darrer] last minute
en última/darrera instància
ultimately, in the end, when all is said and done
jugar-se l'última carta
make a last ditch effort
l'última carta
the last resort
última crida
final call

últims: a últims deat the end of

ultra: ultra mesuraexcessively, unreasonably

ultrança: a ultrançato the hilt, one hundred percent, all the way

d'un a un
one by one, in single file
d'un en un
one at a time
un per un
one at a time, one by one
un si és no és
more or less; slightly
anar a l'una
band/join/link together, join forces, become one
anar tots a una
band together, close ranks, join forces, pull together
més sol que la una
all by one's lonesome
no papar-ne ni una
have no idea what's going on
tot d'una
suddenly, all of a sudden
tots a l'una
altogether, unanimously
una i oli!
never more!
una vegada i altra
again and again, repeatedly
clavar l'ungla
cheat, fleece, swindle, take for a ride, take to the cleaners'
com carn i ungla
inseparable, thick as thieves
fer córrer l'ungla
steal, pilfer, shoplift, spirit away, swipe; make away with
amb dents i ungles
heart and soul
caure de vint ungles
fall flat, fall headlong, bite the dust
costar el bec i les ungles
cost an arm and a leg
ensenyar/treure les ungles
snarl, threaten, show one's claws
gat de vint ungles
llarg d'ungles

únic: fill úniconly child

unió: la unió fa la forçaunity/union is strength

badar uns ulls com uns salers
be all eyes
uns amb altres
on average
untar les mans/corrioles a algú
bribe someone, grease someone's palm
untar-se (els dits / les mans)
embezzle, peculate, defalcate
posh, classy, upper-class, high-class, swank
fer upa
raise a child saying "upsy-daisy!"
caure a les urpes d'algú
fall into someone's clutches
tenir cara d'ovella i urpes de llop
be a wolf in sheep's clothing

us: que (el, et, us, etc.) bombin!he/you/they can lump it!

fora d'ús
out of service
posar en ús
introduce, bring out, come out with, set forth
ús i gaudi
use and enjoyment

uterí: germà uteríuterine sibling

uts: amb tots els ets i utsthoroughly, from A to Z, from top to bottom, through and through | Dites visca!