| Dites visca!

Dites visca! V

com més va menys
less and less
com va (això)?
how are you (doing / getting along / making out)?
com va la cosa
how things are
en va
in vain
no m'hi va res
it means nothing to me
sense com va ni com ve/costa
1 [sobtadament] all of a sudden, without warning, out of the blue 2 [sense justificació] for no reason at all
va com va
it depends; it's inconsistent (ex.: Si m'agrada la feina? Va com va = Do I like my work? It depends)
va de callada
it goes without saying
come on!

vacances: estar de vacancesbe on vacation/holiday

vacant: omplir una vacantfill a post

en vaga
on strike
fer vaga
go on strike

vagi: qui no vulgui pols que no vagi a l'eraif you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

vaitot: fer un vaitot — 1 [arriscar-se fins a l'extrem] go for broke, go all out, go the limit, shoot one's bolt, take the plunge, shoot the works 2 [excedir-se molt] go overboard, go to extremes

vaivens: els vaivens de la vidalife's ups and downs

més val enginy que força
brains are better than brawn
no s'hi val!
1 [injust] it's not fair! 2 [sense valor] it doesn't count!
no s'ho val
think nothing of it, not at all; no problem [Am.]
no val a badar
be on the alert, be on guard; be on the (lookout / qui vive)
no val la pena [+ infinitiu]
(it's no use / there's no point in) [+ gerundi]
tant se val
it's all the same, it doesn't matter
un home advertit en val dos
forewarned is forearmed
val a dir
it must/should be said
val més això que res
it's better than nothing
val més boig conegut que savi per conèixer
better the devil you know
val més or que no pesa
be worth one's/its weight in gold
val més tard que mai
better late than never
val més un pardal a la mà que una perdiu a l'aire
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
val més un té que dos te'n daré
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
val un colló
it costs an arm and a leg

València: estar a la lluna (de València)be distracted/inattentive; be (spaced out / out to lunch); be daydreaming/woolgathering

de valent
hard, like mad, with all one's might
fer el valent
bluster, throw one's weight around, act tough
a la valenta
[prendre's] take something (hard / to heart) 2 [amb gran voluntat] with a vengeance, like mad
agafar una cosa a la valenta
take something (hard / to heart)
prendre-s'ho a la valenta
1 [esforçar-se] do something with all one's might 2 [ofendre's] take it to heart
fer-se valer
1 [fer-se ben veure] (strive/try to) make a good impression, put one's best foot forward 2 [exigir] demand, insist on, lay claim to
no poder valer-se
not be able to (fend for / take care of) oneself
no valer un clau
not worth a thing, not worth a damn [vulg.], not worth a (plugged nickle [Am.] brass farthing [Br.])
valer la pena
be worth it, be worthwhile
valer més la salsa que els caragols
something secondary is worth more than the main thing
valer un credo
be unbearable, awful, agonizing, intolerable
valer un imperi
be worth a fortune
(valga'ns / valga'm) Déu!
oh my God!, good God!, sakes alive!
valga que

vall: vall de llàgrimesvale of tears

armar-se de valor
pluck/gather up one's courage
donar valor a
give/attach importance to
posar en valor
emphasize, stress, highlight, point up
treure valor a
minimize/diminish the importance of

vals: tant tens, tant valsthe more you're worth, the higher your standing

el temps de les vaques grasses
good times
el temps de les vaques magres
hard times
agafar la vara
take control; [alcalde] take office
de vara alta
prestigious, eminent, distinguished, high-status
tenir vara alta
have the whip hand, have authority

variar: per variarfor a change

varietat: la varietat és la sal de la vidavariety is the spice of life

la gota que fa vessar el vas
the last straw (the straw that breaks the camel's back)
on vas a parar!
you've gone too far!, you're going overboard!, that's over the top!

vatua: vatua (l'olla! / listo!)what the heck!, what the hell! [vulg.]; darn it!, dammit! [vulg.]; fuck! [tabú]

ara ve la bona
here comes the good part
mirar de quin costat ve el vent
watch/check which way the wind blows
no em ve de gust
I don't feel like it
sense com va ni com ve/costa
1 [sobtadament] all of a sudden, without warning, out of the blue 2 [sense justificació] for no reason at all

vega: anar de vegago on a spree/binge, go carousing

a la vegada
at the same time
cada vegada més
more and more; "«adj. comparatiu» and «adj. comparatiu»" (p.e., cada vegada més alt = taller and taller)
d'una vegada
at once, right away, instantly
d'una vegada per sempre
once and for all
heus aquí que una vegada
once upon a time
hi havia una vegada
once upon a time
per enèsima vegada
for the umpteenth time
tota vegada que
una vegada a la vida
once in a lifetime
una vegada hi havia
once upon a time
una vegada i altra
again and again, repeatedly
una vegada que
as soon as
a vegades
sometimes, every so often, now and then, from time to time
sense pensar-s'ho dues vegades
without thinking twice (about it)

veients: a ulls veientsbefore one's (very) eyes

vejam: vejamI wonder; let's see, let me see

prendre el vel
take the veil, become a nun
tirar un vel al damunt
conceal, keep secret, hush up
a rem i vela
as fast as possible, flat out, at full/top speed, full tilt
a tota vela
under full sail
anar a la vela
be three sheets to the wind
prendre/fer vela
set sail
anar veles desplegades
go (smoothly, like clockwork, without a hitch, swimmingly)
plegar/abaixar veles
calm down, simmer down; give way, yield a little
cavall vell no aprèn trot nou
you can't teach an old dog new tricks
gat vell
old/sly fox, sly dog, slyboots
llibreter de vell
secondhand bookseller
més vell que cagar ajupit [vulg.]
as old as the hills
més vell que (l'anar a peu / Matusalem / Adam)
as old as the hills
més vell que la tinya
ancient, as old as the hills
caldera vella, bony o forat
as you get old, things go wrong
el conte de la vella
the same old story
fer el compte de la vella
to count on one's fingers
gallina vella fa bon brou
older women (rock / are wonderful)
la vella guàrdia
the old guard
vella glòria
great figure from the past; [despectiu] has-been

vells: pels vells tempsfor old times' sake

fer un ull de vellut a algú
to give someone a black eye
un ull de vellut
a black eye

vena: estar de venabe inspired, on the beam

vençut: donar-se per vençutgive up, admit defeat, surrender

en venda
for sale
posar a la venda
put on the market, put up for sale
venda en descobert
haver-n'hi per a donar i per a vendre
there be in abundance, in plenty, in profusion
ja pots cridar ous a vendre
you can save your breath
per donar i per vendre
galore; in abundance, aplenty, in profusion (ex.: De castellanismes en aquest diari n'hi ha per donar i per vendre = There are Spanish elements galore in this newspaper)
tenir salut per vendre
be in very good health
vendre duros a quatre pessetes
1 [fer mal negoci] sell at a loss, go broke, go bankrupt 2 [enganyar] pull the wool over someone's eyes, offer something too good to be true
vendre fum
do busywork, occupy one's time uselessly
vendre gat per llebre
cheat, dupe, con, swindle, hoodwink, bamboozle, bilk; pull the wool over someone's eyes, take someone in
vendre la casa i anar a lloguer
give it up as a bad deal, bow out, give up the ship; go out of business
vendre la pell de l'ós abans de caçar-lo
count one's chickens before they hatch
vendre's com el pa
sell like hotcakes
vendre's per un plat de llenties
sell out, play false; put material gain before honor/duty

venedors: venedors de fumcharlatan, mountebank, imposter, swindler

venes: no tenir sang a les venesbe apathetic, indifferent, spiritless, impassive, mealy-mouthed

fer venir a algú (aigua a la boca / salivera)
make one's mouth water
fer-s'ho venir bé
find a way to get what one wants
no venir (d'aquí / d'un pam)
not matter, not be important
sense venir a tomb
senselessly, without rhyme or reason
temps a venir
in the future
venir a la ment
come to mind
venir a la raó
accede to, acknowledge, acquiesce; go along with
venir a menys
come down in the world
venir a repèl
be troublesome/bothersome/distasteful
venir al cap
come to mind
venir (al cas / a tall / a tomb)
be timely, suitable, auspicious, relevant; be to the point/purpose
venir al món
be born, come into the world
venir al pèl
be just the thing, just what the doctor ordered
venir ample a algú
[feina] be beyond someone, be too much for someone
venir com l'anell al dit
be just the thing, just what the doctor ordered
venir coster
be difficult, be an uphill battle
venir d'un pèl
be/have a close call/shave
venir de família/mena
run in the family
venir de gust
1 to appeal to (ex.: això em ve de gust = this appeals to me) 2 feel like [+ gerundi] (ex.: em ve de gust cantar = I feel like singing)
venir de l'hort
be in the dark, be out of touch
venir de nou
be surprising/unexpected; come as a surprise
veure a venir
foresee, anticipate
veure's venir
be obvious, self-evident; to tell at a glance
veure venir algú
see through someone, be wise to someone, not fall for something
veure-les venir
see which way the cat jumps

venjança: prendre venjançaget revenge, get even, pay back

anar cadascú pel seu vent
go one's separate ways, go off in different directions
anar (vent) en popa
go (smoothly, like clockwork, without a hitch, swimmingly)
bon vent i barca nova!
good riddance!
bon vent i bona barca!
good luck!
cel rogent, pluja o vent
red sky in the morning, sailor take warning
contra vent i marea
come hell or high water [vulg.], against all odds
cop de vent
gust of wind
engegar a tomar vent algú
tell someone to get lost, to go away, to take a hike, to beat it, to hit the road; send someone packing
mirar de quin costat ve el vent
watch/check which way the wind blows
tenir el cap ple de vent
be out to lunch, have one's head in the clouds
tenir molt vent a la flauta
be a chatterbox, long-winded, very talkative, gabby
tenir vent al cap
be out to lunch, have one's head in the clouds
un cop de vent
a gust of wind

ventar: ventar les campanespeal the bells, beat the drum; celebrate, make merry, revel

ventilador: engegar el ventiladortell all; spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag

amb els pixats al ventre
by surprise, off guard, unawares
anar de ventre
have a bowel movement, defecate
fluix de ventre
diarrhea; loose bowels, the runs, the trots
treure el ventre de (mal any / pena)
eat well after having fasted
cridar als quatre vents
tell the world, spread the news/word, make something known
girar-se a tots els vents
be changeable/inconstant
qui sembra vents cull tempestes
you reap what you sow; what goes around comes around; you'll get your comeuppance
anar a la ventura
go haphazardly, willy-nilly
per ventura
1 by chance; as luck would have it 2 fortunately, luckily; by happy chance
provar ventura
try one's luck
anar venut
[falta d'experiència] be green, inexperienced, inexpert
trobar-se venut
feel helpless, foresaken; be up a creek without a paddle
a dir ver/veritat
to tell the truth, if the truth be told
ben ver
especially/particularly true

verbes: anar de verbesto kid (ex.: no fa mal, anar de verbes de tant en tant = there's nothing wrong with kidding from time to time)

cap verd
light-headed, foolish
deixar/posar verd algú
insult/disparage someone; put/run someone down
no deixar res per verd
1 [exhaustiu] leave nothing undone 2 [acaparar] to hoard

verda: a cent anys, coteta verdathere's no fool like an old fool

a les verdes i a les madures
in good times and in bad
de més verdes en maduren
anything is possible; you never know; stranger things have happened
de verdes i madures
all kinds of, a wide variety/array of
que si són verdes, que si són madures
blah blah blah, yammer yammer yammer
de bon de veres
really, for real, in earnest
de veres
really, truthfully, sincerely
caure la cara de vergonya
feel deeply ashamed
vergonya pels altres

vergonyes: les vergonyesone's private parts

verí: morta la cuca/bèstia, mort el veríremove the cause, remove the problem; dead dogs don't bite

verinosa: tenir la llengua verinosabe a backbiter, detractor, slanderer, vilifier

a dir ver/veritat
to tell the truth, if the truth be told
a l'hora de la veritat
at the moment of truth, when the chips are down, when the heat is on
acarar-se amb la veritat
face up to the truth
de veritat
1 real, authentic (ex.: una pistola de veritat = a real gun) 2 truthfully, honestly, straightforwardly
en honor a la veritat
in all honesty
en veritat
truthfully, honestly, straightforwardly
és veritat que...
it's true that...
és veritat!
that's right!
fer honor a la veritat
to be fair/truthful, to give credit where credit is due

verivou: vou-verivoulullaby

tornar-se vermell
blush; turn red/scarlet
vermell com un perdigot/pebrot
red as a beet/lobster

vermut: fer el vermuthave an appetizer

vern: sol i vernalone and foresaken

ves per on!
what do you know!, can you believe it?
ves si no!
but of course!
vés a la merda! [tabú]
go to hell! [vulg.], fuck off! [tabú]
vés a saber
I wonder, I'm not so sure
vés-te'n al diable!
go to the devil!

vesper: ficar-se en un vesperget involved in a difficult/awkward/messy situation

vespre: fer-se vespreget dark

la gota que fa vessar el vas
the last straw (the straw that breaks the camel's back)
ple a vessar
jam-packed, very crowded, chock-a-block
vessar la mesura
be the last straw
foul up, make a mistake, go wrong; screw up [vulg.]

vestidures: esquinçar-se/estripar-se les vestidurespretend to be shocked/aghast/scandalized

despullar un sant per a vestir-ne un altre
rob Peter to pay Paul
quedar(-se) per a vestir sants
become a spinster
vestir hàbit
take orders, be ordained, enter the Christian ministry

vestit: amb el vestit d'Adamstark naked

vet aquí
[és aquest, això, etc.] here's, there's
vet aquí que
[esdevenir-se] it happened that
seguir la veta a algú
go along with what someone does or says
tirar de veta
squander (money, resources, etc.); fritter away (ex.: No ens podem permetre continuar tirant de veta = We cannot afford to continue squandering)
fer la vetlla
not sleep a wink; have a sleepless night
fotre's/riure's del mort i del qui el vetlla
make a joke out of everything, make fun of everyone
passar la nit en vetlla
not sleep a wink; have a sleepless night

vetllar: vetllar les armesstick to one's guns

a mitja veu
in a low voice
a plena veu
aloud, out loud
a sota veu
in an undertone
a tota veu
at the top of one's voice
a una veu
unanimously, with one accord
aclarir-se la veu
clear one's throat
amb un fil de veu
in a thin/weak voice
córrer la veu
there is a rumor going around
de viva veu
orally, personally, viva voce
en veu alta
aloud, out loud
en veu baixa
in an undertone
estar en veu
be in good voice
estrafer la veu
disguise one's voice
fer com qui no ho veu
overlook, turn a blind eye, look the other way
fer córrer (la veu) [propalar]
spread, make known, disseminate, promulgate
mala veu
slander, calumny
no ho veu clar
be uncertain, doubtful, dubious; remain unconvinced, skeptical
no tenir veu ni vot
play no role (in a business, an affair, etc.); to have no say
portar la veu cantant
to be influential; to head, be in charge, lead, supervise
restar/deixar com qui veu visions
be flabbergasted, surprised, astounded, astonished; be struck all of a heap
tenir veu i vot
have a/one's say
veu (d'aiguardent / de regadora)
a hoarse/raspy/gravelly voice
veu de tro
loud/thundering voice
veu pública
public opinion
a veure
I wonder; let's see, let me see
anar a veure el senyor Roca
go to the bathroom/restroom; see a man about a dog
de bon veure
good-looking, attractive
deixar-se veure
be seen
fer de mal veure
make a bad impression
fer veure
1 show, demonstrate 2 pretend, make believe
fer-s'hi veure
show off, flaunt, brag, swagger
fer-se ben veure
(strive/try to) make a good impression, put one's best foot forward
fer-se mal veure
make a bad impression, leave a bad taste
fer-se veure
1 [presumir] show off, put on airs, blow one's own horn 2 [llevar-se la careta] show one's true colors
fins a més veure
until we meet again
no poder veure
can't stand; feel animosity toward; be (at odds / at loggerheads / in conflict) with
no tenir res a veure amb
have nothing to do with
no veure (clar / de bon ull)
[no aprovar] disapprove, reject, condemn; not go along with
no veure el moment de
can't wait to (ex.: No veu el moment de debutar amb el Chelsea = He can't wait to make his debut with Chelsea)
no veure'n tres dalt d'un burro
be unseeing; be blind as a bat
no veure un bou a tres passes
be blind as a bat
no veure-hi de cap ull
1 be happy/satisfied; be bursting with pride; be walking on air, be on cloud nine 2 be very busy
no veure-hi més enllà del nas
be weak-minded, simple-minded, slow-witted
no veure-hi tres dalt d'un ruc
be blind as a bat
ser car de veure
be rarely/seldom seen
tenir a veure amb
have to do with
veure a venir
foresee, anticipate
veure amb bons ulls
be well-disposed toward
veure (de / d'una hora) lluny
be clear-sighted, perceptive
veure de bon ull
approve, support, favor, accept
veure de lluny
be easily foreseen
veure de mal ull
disapprove of, look askance at, take a dim view of
veure el cel obert
see one's way out of a difficulty; come out smelling like a rose
veure la brossa/palla a l'ull de l'altre
see the beam in someone else's eye
veure la llum
be born
veure (la padrina / les estrelles)
be in great pain
veure les orelles del llop
be in danger, at risk
veure món
see (life / the world)
veure'n de tots colors
go/be through the mill; go through hard times, experience sorrow and suffering
veure's amb cor de
feel able/competent to, feel capable of
veure's d'una hora lluny
be obvious, self-evident; to tell at a glance
veure's el llautó
see through something/someone, have someone's number
veure's les cares
come face to face, meet eyeball-to-eyeball
veure's les orelles
get back on one's feet, be up and about; take heart, pluck/gather up one's courage
veure's negre
be in a pickle, in a jam; to find oneself in difficulties
veure's venir
be obvious, self-evident; to tell at a glance
veure venir algú
see through someone, be wise to someone, not fall for something
veure-hi clar
understand, fathom, see clearly
veure-ho tot de color de rosa
see the world through (rose-colored|rose-tinted) glasses
veure-ho (tot) negre
be doubtful/pessimistic/gloomy; be in a tight spot, in hot water, out on a limb
veure-les venir
see which way the cat jumps
veure-se'n de tots colors
go/be through the mill; go through hard times, experience sorrow and suffering
veure-se'n un bull
feel helpless, foresaken; be up a creek without a paddle; be in a pickle/jam
viure per veure
now I've seen everything

veurem: ja ho veuremwe'll see; time will tell

a veus
donar veus
tell the world, spread the news/word, make something known
ja ho veus
1 [sorpresa] really? no kidding? 2 [reafirmació] it's plain to see
secret a veus
open secret

vi: al pa, pa i al vi, vicall a spade a spade

de via estreta
mediocre, bogus, shabby, second-rate, two-bit
en via de
in the process of
en via morta
sidetracked, on the rocks
fer-ne via!
to hurry up!, to get a move on!
obrir-se una via d'aigua
spring a leak
passar via
go a mile a minute (ex.: No hi ha trànsit i se'n passa via = There's no traffic and you can drive a mile a minute)
via d'aigua
via de circumvalació
via fora!
warning! sound the alarm!

vianants: pas de vianantspedestrian crossing; crosswalk [Am.], zebra crossing [Br.]

bon viatge!
bon voyage!, have a good trip!
de viatge
on a trip, out of town
el darrer viatge
death, the last breath
viatge de nuvis

vibrar: fer vibrar el corto thrill, to delight

vici: per viciout of habit

viciós: cercle viciósvicious circle

vicis: l'ociositat és la mare de tots els vicisthe devil finds work for idle hands

victòria: cantar victòriaexult, celebrate

anar-hi la vida
be in mortal danger, risk one's life
any nou, vida nova
the New Year brings a fresh start
complicar-se la vida
make life difficult
de mala vida
1 criminal, villainous, lawless 2 immoral, sinful
de per vida
lifelong, permanent, long-term
deure la vida a algú
owe one's life to someone
dona de la vida
woman of easy virtue
donar senyals de vida
give signs of life
donar-se a la mala vida
give oneself over to decadence and immorality
els vaivens de la vida
life's ups and downs
en la flor de la vida
in the prime of life
en vida
entre la vida i la mort
in critical condition, in danger of dying
fer la vida impossible a algú
torment/harass/plague/persecute someone; give someone a hard time
guanyar bé la vida
make a good living
guanyar-se la vida
make/earn a living
jugar-se la vida
risk one's life
l'ocàs de la vida
the declining years, senescence
la bossa o la vida!
your money or your life!
la varietat és la sal de la vida
variety is the spice of life
la vida i miracles
one's life and times
mai de la vida
never, at no time; mai de la vida! = not on your life!
mentre la vida m'acompanyi
as long as I live
passar a millor vida
give up the ghost, go the way of all flesh, breathe one's last
perdre la vida
lose one's life
ser de poca vida
be skinny/weak/feeble; be a light eater
ser de vida
be a glutton
ser mitja vida
be hale and hearty; be favorable, worthwhile, for the best
tenir la vida a l'encant
be in dire straits, in a desperate situation
tornar de mort a vida
come back to life
tren de vida
lifestyle, way of life
una vegada a la vida
once in a lifetime
vida i miracles
life and times

vidassa: donar-se una vidassalive the good life

vides: els gats tenen set videscats have nine lives

vidre: vidre de colorstained glass

vies: en vies dein the process of

entrar en vigència
go into effect
tenir vigència
be in effect

vigor: en vigorin effect, in force

casa de la vila
town hall
fora vila
out of town

vinents: anants i vinentspassers-by

vinga: vinga!come on!

vingui: vingui el que vinguiwhatever happens; come what may

vinguis: no em vinguis amb romanços (i acaba de sopar)!don't put me on!, don’t give me that jazz!, don't waste my time!

caure de vint ungles
fall flat, fall headlong, bite the dust
de fil de vint
exquisitely, flawlessly, impeccably, sublimely; [mudat] to the nines
de vint-i-un botó/botons
(dressed) to the nines
la por guarda la vinya
it's best to take precautions; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
trobar una vinya
find oneself on easy street

violar: violar la lleibreak the law

violència: fer-se violènciamove heaven and earth, do one's utmost

violes: flors i violesbeer and skittles, fun and games, plain sailing

violeta: bona nit violeta!that's it!, that's all she wrote!, end of story!

virolla: a tota virollaflat out, at full/top speed, full tilt; (hell / hellbent / hell-bent) for leather

en virtut de
by virtue of, by reason of, because of
fer de la necessitat virtut
make a virtue of necessity

visca: visca! — 1 [aclamació] long live algú/quelcom! 2 [alegria entusiasta] great! all right! hooray/hurrah/yippie!

visions: restar/deixar com qui veu visionsbe flabbergasted, surprised, astounded, astonished; be struck all of a heap

fer visita de metge
drop in briefly, pay a brief/short visit
tornar la visita
make a return visit
a joc vist
in hindsight
haver vist prou (una cosa)
one can say goodbye to (something)
i passa que t'he vist
and that will do; and that's enough; and don't worry any more about it
vist que
since, as, seeing as
approval, agreement
a la vista
in view; before one's (very) eyes
a primera vista
at first glance, at first blush
a simple vista
to/with the naked eye; at first blush/glance
a vista d'ocell
bird's-eye view
amb vista a
with a view to
amor a primera vista
love at first sight
clavar la vista a
to stare at
conèixer de vista
to know by sight
curt de vista
en vista de
considering, taking into account
estendre la vista
expand one's outlook; see further; look off into the distance
fer la vista grossa
overlook, turn a blind eye, look the other way
fins on la vista arriba
as far as the eye can see
no perdre de (la) vista
not lose sight of
perdre de vista
lose sight of
perdre el món de vista
to faint, pass out; lose track of time; get carried away
saltar a la vista
be obvious, self-evident
tenir en vista
have planned
tenir la vista als dits
inclined/prone to touch everything
tenir molta vista
be far-sighted
en vistes de
with an eye on, within sight of
prendre vistes
check out, investigate; give something the once-over
a l'estiu, tota cuca viu
in summertime the living is easy
argent viu
live wire, go-getter
de viu en viu
fer el cap viu
be on the alert
fer l'ull viu
be on the lookout/alert
fer la viu-viu
just get by, live from hand to mouth
fer (massa) el viu
try to get away with something
més mort que viu
more dead than alive
més viu el qui piula que el qui xiula
the ill die harder than the healthy
més viu que (l'arna / la tinya)
smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, keen, quick-witted
més viu que una centella
smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, keen, quick-witted
tocar el viu (a algú)
to cut (someone) to the quick; to hit where one lives
ull viu!
watch out!, heads up!, be careful!
viu com (la pólvora / una centella)
smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, on the ball
deixar de viure
die, give up the ghost
no deixar viure
bully, bother, harass, badger, annoy; be on (someone's) case
viure a (l'esquena / les costelles) d'algú
live off someone
viure a la sopa «bova»
mooch, live at the expense of others
viure al dia
live hand to mouth
viure als núvols
be (impractical / in the clouds)
viure (amb l'esquena dreta / a l'aire)
be shiftless, idle, laggard, slothful
viure com un rei/príncep
live the (life of Riley / good life)
viure d'il·lusions
be unrealistic, have one's head in the clouds, live in an ivory tower
viure de l'aire del cel
1 [menjar poc] eat little; eat like a bird 2 [tenir pocs recursos] live on nothing
viure de renda
live on interest income
viure per veure
now I've seen everything

vius: éssers viushuman beings

a viva força
forcibly, under duress, violently, brutally
cendra viva
embers; sentiments or passions that only seem to be extinguished
de viva veu
orally, personally, viva voce
plorar a llàgrima viva
sob/cry one's eyes out

voga: estar en vogabe in vogue

al vol
1 [caçar] on the wing/fly; in flight 2 [assabentar-se] in passing
alçar/aixecar al vol
1 take flight 2 sneak out/away
alçar/aixecar el vol
take wing, take to the air, soar
com qui no vol la cosa
pretending a lack of interest
el meu mal no vol soroll
I prefer to suffer in silence
fa més qui vol que qui pot
where there's a will there's a way
llançar les campanes al vol
peal the bells, beat the drum; celebrate, make merry, revel
prendre vol
take flight; [avió] take off
qui tot ho vol, tot ho perd
grasp all, lose all
si Déu vol
God willing
voler i doler/doldre (vol i dol)
to be of two minds; to want something but also to fear it
qui no corre, vola!
get with it or you'll lose out!
vola que volaràs
going/continuing along
(de gran / d'alta) volada
eminent, celebrated, famous, renowned, illustrious, notable
de la primera volada
callow, spring chicken, wet behind the ears, fledgling
prendre/agafar volada
take on an ambitious project
fer volar coloms
make a big deal out of nothing
fer volar el cap a algú
kill someone; rub someone out; off someone
no haver vist cap ase volar
not have experience; be a novice/greenhorn/tenderfoot
volar alt
have ambition, have a lot of get up and go
volar les campanes
peal the bells, beat the drum; celebrate, make merry, revel
volar-se el cap
blow one's brains out, commit suicide

volaràs: vola que volaràsgoing/continuing along

voldria: no voldria pas ser d'ellI wouldn't want to be in his shoes

volent: Déu volent!God willing!

no voler estar en la pell d'algú
not want to be in someone's shoes
per un voler de Déu
by the will of God, by a miracle
sense voler
accidently, involuntarily; not on purpose
voler agafar (la lluna / el cel) amb les dents
want something impossible, set one's sights too high
voler bé a algú
to wish someone well
voler és poder
where there's a will there's a way
voler fondre's
suffer embarassment; want to sink through the floor
voler i doler/doldre (vol i dol)
to be of two minds; to want something but also to fear it
voler la mare i els pardalets
want to have one's cake and eat it too
voler temps
take time
voler tocar el cel amb la mà
ask for the moon
a cor/boca què vols
to one's heart's content, without denying oneself anything, with complete satisfaction of all desires
tant si vols com si no vols
whether you like it or not
vols dir?

volt: fer un volttake a walk, go for a walk

de cop i volta
out of the blue
de cop (i volta)
suddenly, out of the blue, unexpectedly
donar mitja volta
do an about-face
donar volta
turn over/around
fer la volta de campana
do/turn a somersault
fer (molta) volta
go out of one's way; go the long way around
fer una/la volta
take a walk, go for a walk
la clau de volta
the keystone
no hi ha volta de full [castellà]
there's no two ways about it; there is no other choice/possibility
no hi ha volta enrere
there's no turning back
no tenir solta ni volta
not have rhyme or reason
sense solta ni volta
meaningless, without rhyme or reason
tal volta
maybe, perhaps
al voltant de
around, about, near; close at hand
per aquí al voltant
around here, nearby, close-at-hand

voltar: fer voltar algú com una baldufadominate someone; make someone run (around / all over the place)

donar cent/mil voltes a
run rings around
donar voltes
ponder, mull over
donar(-hi) voltes
dwell on (something), ponder, mull over

volts: pels volts dearound, about

a voluntat
at will
guanyar-se la voluntat (d'algú)
win over, captivate someone
a la vora
nearby, close-by
per aquí a la vora
around here, nearby, close-at-hand

voraviu: tocar el voraviutouch a sore spot, hit a raw nerve; cut (someone) to the quick

fer vores
cold-shoulder, shun, spurn
no tocar vores
have a screw loose, be not all there, not play with a full deck
sense tocar vores
without impediments or obstructions

vos: Déu vos guard!greetings!

no tenir veu ni vot
play no role (in a business, an affair, etc.); to have no say
tenir veu i vot
have a/one's say

vou: vou-verivoulullaby

cada vuit dies
weekly, once a week
d'avui en vuit
a week from now
de l'any vuit
from long ago
ser de l'any vuit
be old-fashioned
vuits i nous
fiddle-faddle, minutia, trivia, small potatoes
vuits i nous i cartes que no lliguen
useless, of no account

vulgues: vulgues no vulgueswhether one likes it or not

Déu ho vulgui
let's hope so! may it be so!
qui no vulgui pols que no vagi a l'era
if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
digues-li com vulguis
call it what you will
vulguis o no vulguis
whether you like it or not
de vull i no puc
fake, bogus, spurious; put on
tant te vull, que et trac un ull
to desire something so much that one harms it | Dites visca!