| Phrasal verbs

50 dels phrasal verbs més comuns

1) be back[adv. intr.] ser present (després d'haver tornat)
  When will you be back?
2) believe in[prep.] creure en
  I don't believe in taking foolish chances.
3) bring in[adv. tr.] 1 (fer) entrar (algú, alguna cosa) cap aquí 2 acompanyar (una persona) de fora a dins (venint) 3 introduir 4 rendir (produir un benefici) 5 contractar
  1) Bring in your supplies.
  2) We brought our friends into the farmhouse.
  3) The new president has brought in many changes.
  4) Our business brings in about 200,000 euros a year.
  5) We'll have to bring in a computer expert.
4) carry out[adv. tr.] 1 portar fora 2 complir, dur a terme
  1) I'll carry out the bags.
  2) He never carries out his threats.
5) come back[adv. intr.] 1 tornar (cap aquí) 2 recórrer a la memòria 3 tornar a posar-se de moda
  1) I'm leaving and never coming back!
  2) It's all coming back to me now.
  3) Short skirts are coming back.
6) come down[adv. intr.] 1 baixar (cap aquí) 2 reduir-se (preus) 3 sofrir un revés, perdre estatus social
  1) Will you come down and help me please?
  2) Prices should come down next year.
  3 He has really come down in the world.
7) come in[adv. intr.] 1 entrar (cap aquí) 2 arribar (transport públic) 3 arribar (en una cursa, elecció, etc.); quedar (en una partida, lliga, etc.)
  1) Come in and tell us a story.
  2) What time is the bus due in?
  3) John came in fourteenth in the marathon.
8) come out[adv. intr.] 1 sortir (cap aquí) 2 sortir (publicar-se) 3 sortir (resultar) 4 resultar (esdevenir conegut) 5 marxar (una taca)
  1) They all came out to see our concert.
  2) When is your new book coming out?
  3) Everything came out wrong.
  4) The whole story came out at the trial.
  5) Blackberry stains will never come out.
9) come up[adv. intr.] 1 pujar (cap aquí) 2 ascendir 3 sortir (el sol) 4 acostar-se 5 sortir (un imprevist) 6 sortir (despuntar una planta)
  1) They came up to Berga from Manresa.
  2) The general came up from the ranks.
  3) The sun comes up every day.
  4) He came up to me and asked me for directions.
  5) I can't come to your party; something has come up
  6) The beans have started to come up.
10) come up with[adv./prep.] pensar en (sobretot una solució)
  He has always come up with good ideas.
11) depend on[prep.] dependre de, refiar-se de
  Children depend on their parents for many years.
12) end up[adv. intr.] acabar (la fi d'un acte o d'un estat com a efecte d'un trànsit o mudança)
  Those boys will end up in prison.
13) figure out[adv. tr.] 1 esbrinar 2 solucionar, desxifrar
  1) Let's figure out a way to help.
  2) Can you figure out this puzzle?
14) find out[adv. tr.] descobrir
  I hope they never find out what we did.
15) focus on[prep.] enfocar, fixar-se l'atenció en
  Her entire attention centered on her children.
16) get away[adv. intr.] escapar-se [adv. tr.] allunyar (alguna cosa)
  1) He always talks about the fish that got away.
  2) Get those matches away from the baby.
17) get back[adv. intr.] 1 arribar (tornant) 2 tornar [adv. tr.] recuperar, tornar a tenir posessió (d'una cosa)
  1) We didn't get back from Girona till 3am.
  2) Let's get back to the subject at hand.
  3) We haven't got back our deposit yet.
18) get in[adv. intr.] 1 arribar 2 poder entrar 3 involucrar-se (amb) [adv. tr.] aconseguir fer (una certa tasca en un temps limitat)
Nota: Com a verb preposicional vol dir pujar en un vehicle on no es pot caminar; en un cotxe, una barca, un canoe, etc.
  1) What time did you get in last night?
  2) How did the burglars get in?
  3) She got in with a bad crowd.   4) I got in four deliveries before noon.
19) get on[adv. intr.] 1 avenir-se 2 anar fent 3 fer-se gran
Nota: Com a verb preposicional vol dir pujar en un vehicle on es pot caminar (un autobús, un tren, un avió, un vaixell, etc.) o on es va eixarrancat (un cavall, una moto, una bicicleta, etc.)
  1) John and Paul don't get on.
  2) How are you getting on?
  3) The CEO is getting on and will retire soon.
20) get out[adv. intr.] 1 escapar-se, poder sortir 2 fer-se públic [adv. tr.] 1 treure (una cosa) del lloc on està tancat 2 publicar
  1) How did the cat get out?
  2) Somehow the secret got out.
  3) I couldn't get the key out of the ignition.
  4) We must get this issue out before tomorrow.
21) get out of[adv./prep.] 1 poder sortir de 2 escapolir-se de (p.e., una obligació) 3 baixar de (un cotxe, una barca, etc.)
  1) My back was so stiff I couldn't get out of bed.
  2) Some people get out of paying taxes by moving to Andorra.
  3) The hijackers forced the driver to get out of the truck.
22) get through[prep.] poder passar cap a l'altra banda [adv. intr.] 1 arribar (persones) al final (d'una tasca, d'un esdeveniment, etc.) 2 entrar en contacte (per telèfon) [adv. tr.] 1 fer passar per 2 arribar al final de
  1) The piano was too wide to get through the door.
  2) When will you be through in here?
  3) We tried calling but we couldn't get through.
  4) Can't you get it through your thick skull? We're through!
  5) I'm trying to help these people get through their day.
23) get up[adv. intr.] 1 aixecar-se (posar-se dret) 2 llevar-se (del llit) [adv. tr.] 1 cridar, fer llevar 2 poder fer pujar (alguna cosa) 3 preparar (una obra de teatre)
  1) Get up! You're in my seat!
  2) What time did you get up today?
  3) What time do you want me to get you up?
  4) If you have a well, you need power to get the water up.
  5) The kids have gotten up a pretty funny little play.
24) give up[adv. intr.] rendir-se [adv. tr.] 1 rendir 2 deixar de fer (una acció) 3 sacrificar (sofrir voluntàriament una pèrdua)
  1) OK, I give up, you win.
  2) He was surrounded, so gave himself up.
  3) We give up eating meat for Lent.
  4) Don't give up the the fight!
25) go away[adv. intr.] anar-se'n
  Don't go away, I'll be right back!
26) go back[adv. intr.] tornar (cap allà)
  I've forgotten my glasses, I'll have to go back home for them.
27) go down[adv. intr.] 1 baixar (cap allà) 2 enfonsar-se 3 reduir-se (preus) 4 (col⋅loq.) ser acceptat 5 pondre's (el sol)
  1) "Someone's knocking at the door" "Go down and see what they want."   2) He played his ukulele as the ship went down.
  3) Prices will go down after the first of the year.
  4) How do you think the news will go down with your parents?
  5) We play our music every evening when the sun goes down.
28) go in[adv. intr.] entrar (cap allà)
  It's cold out here, so can we go in?
29) go on[adv. intr.] 1 continuar endavant (cap allà) 2 ocórrer 3 (imperatiu, dubtant) vinga! 4 disparar-se (una alarma), encendre's (un llum) [prep.] guiar-se per
  1) Don't stop talking. I'm very interested. Go on.
  2) What's going on in here?
  3) Go on! You'd better make up a better excuse than that!
  4) Suddenly all the lights went on.
  5) The investigator doesn't have much to go on in this case.
30) go out[adv. intr.] 1 sortir (cap allà) 2 sortir (una parella) 3 apagar-se 4 passar de moda 5 fer vaga 6 baixar la marea
  1) Go out and see what's happening.
  2) They've been going out together for years.
  3) Suddenly all the lights went out.
  4) Bell-bottom pants went out in the 1970s.
  5) To show their support of the auto workers, the steel workers went out too.
  6) Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.
31) go through[adv. intr.] anar cap a l'altra banda (passant per un lloc) [prep.] 1 passar per (una situació o un esdeveniment desagradable o traumàtic) 2 gastar (diners) 3 buscar
  1) The train went through the tunnel.
  2) They've been going through hard times.
  3) He went through his inheritance in six months.
  4) She went through his pants pockets, looking for his wallet.
32) go up[adv. intr.] 1 pujar (cap allà) 2 encendre's 3 ser construït 4 acostar-se
  1) Go up and see what the children are doing.
  2) A spark from the train lit the nearby brush, and the entire field went up.
  3) Many new buildings are going up here in Barcelona.
33) keep up[adv. intr.] aguantar el pas, no endarrerir-se [adv. tr.] 1 no deixar dormir 2 mantenir (l'ànim)
  1) You're running so fast that I cannot keep up with you.
  2) The noise kept us up.
  3) Keep up the good work.
34) make up[adv. intr.] 1 fer les paus 2 aplicar-se maquillatge [adv. tr.] 1 compondre 2 inventar 3 recuperar (p.e., una classe)
  1) After quareling, they kissed and made up.
  2) I have to make up now. I go on stage in ten minutes.
  3) The druggist made up the prescription.
  4) Is that story true or did you make it up?
  5) The professor is letting me make up the exam tomorrow.
35) move on[adv. intr.] 1 continuar endavant 2 progressar, canviant de lloc o de feina [adv. tr.] fer circular (algú, sobretot la policia)
  1) It's time we moved on to the next item on the agenda.
  2) He used to sell door-to-door, but now he's moved on and is a sales rep for a big company.
  3) The police tried to get the crowd to move on.
36) pick up[adv. intr.] millorar, refer-se [adv. tr.] 1 collir, arreplegar, aixecar 2 adquirir per casualitat 3 detenir (un sospitós) 4 passar a buscar (una persona) 5 endreçar (una sala) 6 trobar, detectar 7 (col⋅loq.) lligar i marxar amb (una persona), conèixer amb intencions amoroses
  1) A cup of coffee will pick you up.
  2) Please pick that book up from the floor.
  3) I picked up a nice coat at the sale.
  4) The police picked him up for burglary.
  5) I'll come by and pick you up around eight.
  6) When are you going to pick up your room?
  7) I can't pick up that station on the car radio.
  8) A stranger tried to pick her up at the bus station.
37) point out[adv. tr.] 1 assenyalar, destacar 2 advertir
  1) She pointed out the boy who took her purse.
  2) No one likes him because he always points out everyone's mistakes.
38) put on[adv. tr.] 1 posar a, posar sobre 2 posar-se (peça de roba, joies, etc.) 3 produir (un espectacle) 4 guanyar (pes) 5 encendre (el llum) 6 enganyar (humorísticament)
  1) Please put the plates on the table.
  2) Put on your red dress baby, cause we're goin' out tonight.
  3) The children put on a puppet show.
  4) I always put on weight over the Christmas season.
  5) Don't put on the lights!
  6) I don't believe it! You're putting me on!
39) rely on[prep.] refiar-se de
  She's a sweet girl but you can't rely on her for anything.
40) result in[prep.]ser la causa de, produir
  All my effort resulted in nothing at all.
41) set up[adv. tr.] 1 muntar 2 establir (algú, sobretot amb diners) 3 crear 4 planificar 5 (complement personal) fabricar proves per acusar d'un crim algú innocent
  1) I bought a new table, but I'm not sure how to set it up.
  2) The agency set up the struggling entrepreneurs by providing small loans.
  3) We used the money to set up a charity.
  4) The police caught the gang trying to set up a kidnapping.
  5) She denied using drugs and claimed she had been set up by the police.
42) show up[adv. intr.] 1 destacar-se 2 presentar-se [adv. tr.] posar en evidència
  1) The print doesn't show up against this dark background.
  2) We had a date but she never showed up.
  3) The students were always trying to show up the teacher with a fact she didn't know.
43) sit down[adv. intr.] asseure's
  Sit down, take a load off your feet.
44) stand up[adv. intr.] posar-se dret [adv. tr.] 1 posar dret (alguna cosa) 2 deixar plantat (algú)
  1) They all stood up when the teacher walked in.
  2) We stood the ladder up in the corner.
  3) Al stood her up twice in the past week.
45) stay in[adv. intr.] quedar-se a casa
  Lately we've been staying in on the weekends.
46) take on[adv. tr.] 1 acceptar (una feina), responsabilitzar-se'n 2 jugar o lluitar contra (algú) 3 contractar
  1) After her husband's death, she had to take on extra responsibilities.
  2) The unions were prepared to take on the company bosses.
  3) The farms take on more workers during the harvest.
47) take over[adv. intr.] prendre el control [adv. tr.] 1 portar cap allà 2 apropiar-se (sobretot d'una empresa)
  1) The new director made changes the minute she took over.
  2) Would you take these blankets over to our neighbor?
  3) There's a secret bid to take over our company.
48) turn out[adv. intr.] 1 resultar 2 aplegar-se (persones per un esdeveniment especial) [adv. tr.] 1 apagar (un llum) 2 produir
  1) The cake turned out beautifully.
  2) Many protesters have turned out for the rally.
  3) We turned out the lights.
  4) The assembly line turns out 100 cars every hour.
49) work on[prep.] treballar en
  What are you working on now?
50) work out[adv. intr.] 1 fer exercici, entrenar-se 2 tenir un bon resultat [adv. tr.] 1 solucionar 3 desenvolupar, dur a terme
  1) I work out at the gym three times a week.
  2) The new strategy may not work out.
  3) I think we can work out a solution to this problem.
  4) We were told to work out a new plan. | Phrasal verbs